Lusail: A spark that links the present and the future

The Lusail International Stadium in Qatar

Have you seen the Lusail International Stadium in Qatar? Have you been lucky enough to attend one of the matches of the 2022 World Cup on the ground there or even through television? This stadium stands tall with a mountain-like prestige, and it flashes with light from a distance so that it fills your heart with fascination when watching it. It is one of the masterpieces that Qatar has dedicated to the world with the beginnings of the great sporting benefits that took place on its soil, and it continues to provide this glimmer of light until the great merit of the Asian Cup 2023.
Lusail Stadium in Qatar is the largest, most beautiful, and most expressive sports stadium in terms of its design. Its capacity reaches 80 thousand. It is equipped with the latest modern and technical means, making it a technical, artistic, and cultural block that reflects the steady steps Qatar is taking towards the future.
Lusail Stadium hosted many matches during the 2022 FIFA World Cup, and this exceptional stadium hosted the final match in which Argentina was crowned the then-World Cup champion.


Asian Cup and embrace the most beautiful sports memories

Lusail Stadium will host some of the most exciting and challenging AFC Asian Cup matches. And watching the matches of this championship from the stands of this stadium will not be a passing thing. A visitor to this stadium will embrace the most beautiful memories of one of the best editions of the World Cup witnessed by fans of the round ball. How exciting it is to relive the events of the magnificent celebration that took place on the green space of this stadium, or the numerous goals that used to inflame the stands, and finally the unique and special coronation in which the Emir of the country participated. Therefore, watching the matches of the Asian Championship will be grafted with these historical events that have not passed so long ago.
Get ready to embrace the sporting history of this stadium and be proud that you will be immersed in a similar version full of enthusiasm, thrill, and splendor through the 2023 AFC Asian Cup.
Just as Qatar was able to prove to the whole world that the Arabian Gulf is capable of sponsoring the largest sports and other benefits, the 2023 Asian Cup will be the most beautiful and also the most wonderful in all respects.


Lusail stadium location in Qatar

Location on Google Maps: Lusail Stadium

The Lusail International Stadium in QatarA visitor to Lusail to watch some of the matches of the Qatar Asian Cup will be on a date with a visit to an exceptional city by all standards. So let me tell you a little bit about this place that will not be erased from your memory and about the wonderful stadium located around it:
Lusail Stadium is located in the city of Lusail, about 15 km to the north from the center of the capital, Doha. This city was very famous during the 2022 World Cup because it hosted several matches in addition to the event match, which is the final match. Lusail City is one of the smart cities built on technological foundations that seeks to improve the quality of life by taking advantage of the latest innovations in urban science and modern lifestyles. For this purpose, Lusail City adopts the best means of communication technology and provides its residents with electronic services through the so-called smart government track, where it is possible to access the required information and complete transactions through applications and digital platforms.
The use of technology was not limited to the above, as it was also harnessed to improve energy efficiency in a sustainable manner and preserve the environment, and the city was connected to an advanced transport system that improves traffic and reduces congestion.
Based on the above, Lusail City is progressing steadily to become one of the most important, most developed, and most humanized cities in the region, and the best in terms of its ability to embrace major benefits.


Some of the attractions of the Qatari city of Lusail

Because of its infrastructure, hotels, shops, parks, and sports venues, Lusail City is one of the most important tourist attractions in Qatar, and visitors go to it to enjoy its luxurious services and entertainment ports. We will list some of the attractions hosted by this city, which include the most important stadium in the region, the wonderful Lusail Stadium:

1- Lusail Stadium

It is an architectural masterpiece worth visiting and enjoying watching, especially at night with the wonderful lighting system that covers it. And the space that surrounds the stadium is ideal for picnics and walking, and nearby is Al Hilaliia Park, and near this park there are many amazing restaurants and cafes.

2- Plus Fandom Mall

It is a great shopping place that combines luxury and diversity, as it has more than 580 stores, is surrounded by restaurants and cafes, and includes facilities for entertainment.

3-Lusail Marina Walk

It stretches along the promenade leading to Doha Bay, offering the most beautiful views of the bay and the chain of towers sparkling at night. A lot of restaurants, cafes, and shops are scattered along this promenade.

4- Lusail Boulevard

It stretches for a long distance and contains many tall buildings with magnificent designs, and in each building you will find a group of restaurants, shops, and cafes.

5- Al Maha Island, Lucille Winter Wonderland

It is a destination suitable for families and fans of entertainment and thrills, as they will find in this place the most beautiful games, theatrical experiences, restaurants, cafes, circus performances, and more.


Hotels near Lusail Stadium

What we will show you is that the hotels are the closest to Lusail Stadium, so when staying in some of these hotels, you can go to the stadium by car, and in some of them, you can go to the stadium on foot and enjoy the most beautiful tour ever before arriving to watch your enthusiastic matches.

1- Fairmont Doha

Hotel location: Fairmont Doha

Fairmont Doha

It is one of the luxury hotels that provides visitors with wonderful, high-end service.

2- Raffles Doha

Hotel location: Raffles Doha

Raffles Doha

It is one of the magnificent and elegant 5-star hotels located in the iconic Katara Towers in Qatar, and its services for families and individuals are luxurious and integrated.

3- Agora Hotel Doha Autograph Collection

Hotel location: Agora, Doha, Autograph Collection

Agora Hotel Doha Autograph Collection

It is a fully equipped hotel that provides the finest services to its visitors and has a stunning view of Bay Beach.

4- Centara Residences & Suites, West Bay, Doha

Hotel location: Centara West Bay Hotel & Residences

Centara Residences Suites West Bay Doha

This hotel from the very heart of the city provides you with a full atmosphere of comfort and relaxation, equipped with everything that can come to your mind from entertainment and pleasure.

5- Waldorf Astroya Lusail Hotel Doha

Hotel location: Waldorf Astoria Lusail, Doha

Waldorf Astroya Lusail Hotel Doha

With stunning views of the Gulf beaches, a luxurious building, equipped suites, and luxurious facilities, this hotel welcomes you and promises you a vacation of a lifetime next to Lusail Stadium, which you can reach in 6 minutes by car.

Activities available near Lusail Stadium

The place near Lusail Stadium allows you to do a lot of activities and beautiful, entertaining things. Among the things that can be done are:

1- Attend the Asian Cup

Make sure to book your tickets well in advance so that you don’t miss watching the most exciting matches of the Asian Cup, especially at Lusail Stadium and at the rest of Qatar’s wonderful stadiums.


2- Walking and hiking

You will not find anything more beautiful than practicing this activity when the sun goes down, as through this healthy activity you will merge with the most beautiful sights of Doha and Lusail City in particular. Lusail Stadium will certainly provide you with an awesome card to do so.

3- Riding a bicycle

Special paths have been prepared for cycling enthusiasts, and this will enable them to safely ride a bike and enjoy a unique and exceptional journey in the smart city of Lusail.


4- Visiting parks and gardens

Many spaces are equipped with green gardens and parks that adorn the yellow sand and inspire joy in the souls of their visitors. In these parks, you will find what you desire in restaurants, cafes, and many shops.


5- A tour of restaurants and cafes

In the area, you will find an awesome selection of restaurants and cafes, and you just have to try them on various days when you are going to spend your vacation. Visit one of the cafes during your transfer from the hotel to Lusail Stadium, or have a delicious meal at one of the restaurants located on your way, and be sure to get out early so as not to miss the game at the stadium.


6- visiting malls and markets

Shopping in a smart city like Lusail is a real pleasure, where you will find facilities and comfort in dealing with every detail. You will not face traffic jams, and you will find everything you need in the luxury shops of Lusail City.


7- Visit the picturesque beaches of the Arabian Gulf

In Qatar, you will find equipped, clean beaches that satisfy your desires to swim, stroll, and breathe the sea air. Next to the beaches, you will find everything you need, from food to drink.