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Al Thumama: When culture meets the spirit of the times

Al Thumama Sports Stadium in Qatar

Perhaps the best description we can give to Al Thumama Sports Stadium in Qatar is that it is an icon. It is a huge, radiant, and wonderful icon, through which I want to emphasize that no matter how the wheels of progress and modernity in the country move forward, the foundation and the starting point will remain based on the authenticity of heritage and national, Arab, and Islamic identity.

The shape of the stadium is inspired by the Gulf and Qatari uniforms, which are placed on the head, which is the Khahfiia. The architect of the project was able to bring out this national and heritage symbol in the most beautiful suit and body. That is why this stadium project received awards for the quality of the design, its individuality, and its beauty.

The Thumama Stadium stands in its white form like an artistic sculpture that reflects to the same viewer many of the beautiful meanings and values that exist among the hospitable people of the country who receive their guests with welcome and hospitality. The feeling of pride mixed with determination and defiance may be one of the things that many visitors to this majestic national monument feel.

Al Thumama Stadium will host some of the 2023 Asian Cup matches as well as some of the 2022 World Cup matches. Just as Qatar has impressed the world with its impressive abilities to organize and come up with the most beautiful achievements in the past, through its national edifices and the determination of its people, it will present the most beautiful version of the current tournament.

In this article, we will review some of the addresses related to the location of Thumama Stadium, the most important hotels near it, the most important attractions in the area where it is located, and how to reach it through the transportation lines available in the place.


How do I Get to the Stadium?

Stadium location on Google Maps: Al Thumama Stadium

Al Thumama Stadium is located 12 kilometers south of the center of the Qatari capital, Doha. If you live near the stadium, walking will be your favorite way. And if your place of residence is relatively far away, then in this case you can get to the stadium in several ways:

1- Car: where you go to the Fifth Ring Road, it is preferable to rely on Google Maps if you have no previous experience on the roads in that spot. You can arrive in 15-20 minutes if you are staying in one of the hotels located within the geographical framework relatively close to the stadium.

2- Bus: buses depart from Doha central metro station and stop at Al Thumama Stadium.

3- Train: trains depart from Doha central metro station and stop at Al Thumama station.

4- Taxi: Taxi services are widely available in Qatar.


The nearest hotels to Al Thumama Stadium

There are many hotels that can be classified as relatively close to the location of the Thumama Stadium. These hotels have a high rating, excellent equipment, and are convenient for travelers coming to attend football matches held at the stadium. These hotels are:

1-  La Cigale Doha Hotel

Hotel location: La Cigale Hotel, Doha

La Cigale Doha Hotel - Al Thumama

It is one of the 5-star hotels, which is a 14-minute drive from Al Thumama Stadium and about 20 minutes from Hamad International Airport. Its location is great, close to Doha Bay, old Souks, shopping centers, and many other attractions. Featuring a luxurious interior design and high-end service, the hotel is suitable for those visiting Qatar for leisure or business.

2- Holiday Inn Doha hotel

Hotel location:Holiday Inn Doha – the Business Park, an IHG Hotel

Holiday Inn Doha hotel

It is one of the 4-star hotels that is a 15-minute drive from Al Thumama Stadium and about 17 minutes from Hamad International Airport. It is located near many important landmarks in Doha, including the Museum of Islamic Arts and Souq Waqif.

3- Chairmen Doha hotel

Hotel location: Chairmen Hotel Doha

Chairmen Doha hotel

It is one of the 3-star hotels that are about 16 minutes away from Al Thumama Stadium by car and about 20 minutes from Hamad International Airport. It is only 3 km from the famous Souq Waqif in old Doha. The hotel rooms are excellently equipped, so you will feel like you are in a 5-star hotel. It is suitable both for business people and for those who want leisure and a pleasant vacation in Qatar.

4- Al Rawda Hotel Doha

Hotel location: Rawda Hotel

Al Rawda Hotel Doha

It is about an 11-minute drive from Thumama Stadium and about a 20-minute drive from Hamad International Airport. Souq Waqif is 2.4 km from it, and Amiri Diwan is only 2.6 km from it. This hotel is considered one of the best-equipped and serviced 3-star hotels.

5- Al Zubarah Boutique Hotel Doha

Hotel location: Zubarah Boutique Hotel Doha

Al Zubarah Boutique Hotel Doha

It is one of the 5-star hotels that is only 11 minutes away from Al Thumama Stadium by car and about 18 minutes from Hamad International Airport. The Corniche walk is 8 km away, and the hotel is very close to Souq Waqif, which contains the traditional souks in Doha.
It is one of the beautifully designed luxury hotels; it has a spa, a sports club, and a restaurant serving the tastiest meals.

Attractions around Al Thumama Stadium

The attractions that we will mention to you, which are closest to Thumama Stadium, are 15-20 minutes by car from the stadium. The attractions are:

1- Jungle Zone Doha

It is a wonderful entertainment city specialized for the entertainment of children and adults, and it contains games to suit all ages.


2- Aspire Park Doha

It is one of the wonderful green parks, and it contains a beautiful lake. Many activities can be done in it, such as walking, sports, and frequenting restaurants and cafes. They also have toys for children.


3- Gondolania amusement park

It is one of the most popular entertainment destinations in Doha. It has an Olympic-sized skating rink, roller coasters, gondolas, children’s games, and other fun games.


4- Al Kut Castle

It is one of the historical monuments in Qatar, built in 1927 and called Doha Castle. It is considered a landmark of magnificent and distinctive architectural art. In the castle, you will enjoy seeing handicrafts, engraved glass pieces, oil paintings, and ceramic artifacts.


5- Doha Corniche

It is about a 20-minute drive from Al Thumama Stadium, and visitors can enjoy spending a long time there with a 7-kilometer walkway. Many activities can be done, such as walking, jogging, fishing, frequenting restaurants and cafes, and other wonderful things.



What we have mentioned to you in this article about hotels, attractions, and beautiful destinations are only samples; otherwise, Qatar and Doha, in particular, are full of everything that will make you unforgettable in this small country full of beauty and splendor.

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