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JA Enchanted Island: A Vacation on the Island of Fantasy

JA Enchanted Island

The JA Enchanted Island Hotel is located on one of the Seychelles Islands. The Seychelles are a group of islands located in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa, 1600 km away. It is also found to the northeast of the famous island of Madagascar. The archipelago consists of 115 islands, one of which is located in the resort.

The JA Enchanted Island Hotel is a 5-star hotel. It is a very luxurious and magnificent resort, and its splendor is enhanced by the location of the super-beautiful area in which it is located. The island of Seychelles is lovely. The sands of its beaches are shiny white, its waters are crystal clear, and it is famous for its coral reefs. Jebel Ali Group Hotel is one of the world’s leading hotels in the hotel industry and has won regional and international awards in this field.

So let’s get to know this hotel more through the addresses that we will mention to you first before going into their details:

  1. Exquisite accommodation in carefully designed villas
  2. Local and international meals and a high-end restaurant
  3. Unlimited activities and adventures
  4. Superior relaxation and complete serenity

1- Exquisite accommodation in carefully designed villas

JA Enchanted Island Resort

JA Enchanted Island Resort has ten villas designed to create an unforgettable stay on this small island. It is designed with the place’s culture blended with a modern twist. These villas have private pools, gardens, and balconies to blend in with the tropical nature of the site. It is close to the shore so that it can be moved quickly. These villas are on par in terms of area and equipment. It is divided into three levels, and the tourist must choose according to his needs and desires.

Services like a private bathroom with amenities, fast Wi-Fi, air conditioning, TV screens, an electric heater, and a hairdryer are all available.

People’s ratings of the hotel are very high for the most important tourist sites, in addition to the high ratings it receives from regional and international tourism institutions, as mentioned above.

Staying in one of the villas of this hotel will be an unmissable experience, and you will discover that one visit is not enough for this fantastic place.

2- Local and international meals and a high-end restaurant

Dining options vary at the resort regarding the beautiful atmosphere and the variety of places to dine. How about, for example, having breakfast on your bed, as it arrives with the best service ever? Would you like a private barbecue at your accommodation? Or you want a magical dinner under the moonlight.

From morning to evening, fast food and snacks will also be available whenever you want. Inspired by the island’s traditions, you can blend in more with the atmosphere.

You can also have the snacks and refreshing drinks you want at the swimming area, so feel free to pamper yourself and ask for what you want.

The resort has a restaurant with a swimming pool and a magnificent sea view and serves gourmet international meals. It is also at the service of its guests at breakfast, lunch, and dinner times.

3- Activities and adventures that you will not get tired of

JA Enchanted in Seychelles

The activities and experiences that the resort has prepared for you have a connection with the marine nature that surrounds the place from all sides. Some of these fantastic activities are:

  • A sailboat trip during sunset sails in the waters of the Indian Ocean, receiving fresh air to fill your lungs and standing still in front of nature’s tireless painting, the sight of the orange sun docking with the ocean horizon from afar.
  • A fishing trip through a specialized fishing cruiser, where you spend hours catching marlin, tuna, and sailfin, and after returning, you will experience cooking these fish in different ways with the help of your chef.
  • How about flying through a tourist helicopter that roams the island and oversees the magnificent vegetation covering parts of it and the shiny white beaches surrounding it from all sides? It will be an unforgettable experience.
  • Take a 15-minute boat ride to the main island to mingle with local communities, learn about their living, eating, and roaming traditions, and enrich your cultural experience around the Earth’s diverse communities.
  • You can’t miss the experience of diving in a spot that is typical for this activity. The waters are crystal clear, and you can reach some depths to see the beautiful coral reefs and marine life rich in fish, turtles, and more.
  • The resort also offers plenty of water sports, such as swimming, kayaking, and water polo games.

4- Superior relaxation and unlimited serenity

JA Enchanted Island Resort in Seychelles

JA Enchanted Island Resort is impressed with all the comforts and conveniences of an unforgettable stay. The nature of the place helps you because you live in the heart of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of cities and their scattered appearances.

The resort has further enhanced this factor with massages, saunas, and spa treatments at the hilltop spa, which features three suites. The yoga place also has a great view of the dense tree cover, which helps relieve stress and anxiety.

Relaxing on the beachfront, on its beautiful white sands and turquoise waters, helps to rejuvenate your mental state. This is without losing sight of beautiful atmospheres, such as dinner under the moonlight or traveling by yacht to the middle of the sea.

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