Hotels Near Hamad International Airport

Hotels Near Hamad International Airport

Qatar topped the list of the most growing tourist destinations in the region, managed to organize the most important football event in the world in 2022, and proved that it has a great infrastructure that was able to accommodate a large number of visitors and tourists from all horizons.

A rising and competitive country like Qatar will take into account the distribution of hotels in proportion to the needs of those who visit them, whether for tourism, investment, or any other purpose. Among the needs of a segment of visitors is the ability to get to the International Airport quickly and without any obstacles due to the nature of their work or life based on travel and moving a lot from one capital to another.

That is why tourism planning in the state of Qatar has taken into account the distribution of a group of hotels near Hamad International Airport to be a haven for this segment of travelers. The area next to Hamad International Airport includes various hotels that suit all physical levels. 

In this article, we will enumerate a group of 5-star luxury hotels with an approximate distance between them and the airport. And what we will mention is a sample; otherwise, the number of available hotels is even greater.
Before detailing each hotel, we will list their names first:

  1. Mandarin Oriental Doha Hotel
  2. Park Hyatt Doha Hotel
  3. Shaza Doha hotel
  4. Rixos Gulf Hotel Doha
  5. Alwadi Hotel Doha
  6. Mina Hotel and Residences
  7. Souk Al Wakra Hotel
  8. Al Najda Doha Hotel


1-Mandarin Oriental Doha Hotel

Hotel location: Mandarin Oriental, Doha

Mandarin Oriental Doha hotel

What will most catch your attention when you visit the Mandarin Oriental Hotel is its elegance in all its details, especially the details of its interiors. This hotel is located in the Msheireb district, in the center of the capital, Doha. It is about 14 km from Hamad International Airport, which means that a hotel resident needs approximately 19 minutes to get to the airport.
Mandarin Oriental Hotel is designed to delight the guest and make him feel comfortable and relaxed. It is a modern, integrated hotel with great services and an attractive atmosphere.
Mandarin Oriental Hotel offers its guests an outdoor and indoor swimming pool, a sauna, and a hot tub. It has a fitness center, a terrace, and a restaurant serving delicious Middle Eastern cuisine.

2-Park Hyatt Doha Hotel

Hotel location: Park Hyatt Doha

Park Hyatt Doha Hotel

The Park Hyatt Doha hotel has a privileged location, a magnificent view, and luxurious specifications. It is one of the 5-star hotels where guests stay to get all the comfort and entertainment. Any visitor to the hotel will be able to connect to the pulse of Doha due to the proximity of the location to the most important cultural and business attractions. The hotel is a 17-minute drive from Hamad International Airport. From here, Park Hyatt Doha is ideal for leisure seekers and those who want to visit Qatar for business, trade, and investment.

3-Shaza Doha hotel

Hotel location: Shaza Doha

Shaza Doha hotel

The Shaza Doha hotel is located in the heart of the Qatari capital, Doha. It is a luxurious longitudinal building component, which you see in the evening sparkling with dazzling and beautiful lights. The interior of the hotel is designed to make you feel comfortable, peaceful, and relaxed. The furniture is refined and modern, and the colors are calm and very comfortable. You will find this combination throughout the hotel, in its suites, rooms, and halls.
The Shaza Doha hotel is not far from Hamad International Airport, where you can reach the airport in 14 minutes by car. At the hotel, you will enjoy a restaurant serving delicious cuisine and air-conditioned, well-equipped rooms. The hotel has an outdoor pool, a fitness center, a wellness center, a spa, and a sauna.

4-Rixos Gulf Hotel Doha

Hotel location: Rixos Gulf Hotel Doha

Rixos Gulf Hotel Doha

With two beautiful buildings, green spaces in their surroundings, and a stunning view of the Arabian Gulf Beach, Rixos Gulf Hotel Doha welcomes you. Its interior design is super cool and elegant, and its equipment is very important to suit individuals and families, especially since it has a children’s playground. The hotel staff will greet you with a warm welcome, and multilingual staff will be at your service.
Rixos Gulf Hotel Doha is one of the closest hotels to Hamad International Airport, where you will only need an 11-minute drive to get there.
Rixos Gulf Hotel Doha is one of the oldest and most ancient hotels in the Qatari capital. It has a restaurant serving delicious dishes, and guests can also enjoy its various facilities, such as a table tennis court, an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center, and a beautiful garden.

5-Alwadi Hotel Doha

Hotel location: Alwadi Hotel Doha – MGallery

Alwadi Hotel Doha

At the Al Wadi Doha hotel, you will be immersed in an atmosphere that combines modernity with beautiful Qatari traditions. The design of the hotel and its exterior and interior architecture all exude this charming combination. And the colors of the interiors are vibrant and warm. The hotel has an excellent restaurant, and you can eat at the base, which has a charming design. The hotel is located in the center of the capital and is connected to the most important sights, markets, cultural, and historical sites. Alwadi Doha hotel is just a 17-minute drive from Hamad International Airport.

6-Mina Hotel and Residences

Hotel location: Mina Hotel and Residences

Mina Hotel and Residences

The most beautiful thing about staying at the Mina Hotel is that it will recharge your energy anew and relieve you of the burdens of worries and fatigue amid immersion in the marine and beach environment next to the port, ships, and glamorous yachts. And through the location of the hotel in the middle of the sea, you can also look at the skyline of Doha with its tall and shiny buildings at night. The place where the hotel is located, with its apartments of various sizes, is very quiet; it takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city center and gives you the opportunity to listen to the sound of the sea waves at night and stare at the twinkling stars in the sky.
The hotel is approximately 14 kilometers from Hamad International Airport.

7-Souk Al Wakra Hotel

Hotel location: Souq Al Wakra Hotel Qatar by Tivoli

Souk Al Wakra Hotel

Inspired by the beautiful Qatari traditions with stunning contemporary touches, the Souq Al Wakrah hotel welcomes you warmly and offers you a location overlooking the Arabian Gulf Coast so that you can reach the beach quickly. The hotel has several restaurants serving delicious dishes. It also has great boards to spend fun times on or to eat or drink your favorite food or drink. The hotel also offers a spa service, a fitness center, and two swimming pools.
The hotel is a 16-minute drive from Hamad International Airport.

8-Al Najda Doha Hotel

Hotel location: Al Najada

Al Najda Doha Hotel

The Al Najda Doha hotel is located in the heart of Al Najda Central Souq, next to the historic Souq Waqif, and is a 16-minute drive from Hamad International Airport. The exterior design of the hotel is exquisite and luxurious, and inside, you will feel like you are in the heart of oases of Qatari heritage inlaid with refined modern touches. At the Al Najda hotel, you will receive a warm welcome derived from the generosity of Arab and Gulf countries. You will enjoy the facilities provided by the hotel, including beautiful swimming pools, quiet seating areas, and restaurants that provide you with various types of dishes and meals daily. The hotel has a fitness center and well-equipped family rooms.