Doha’s Top VR Gaming Centers

Doha's Top VR Gaming Centers

Virtual reality games occupy an important space within digital entertainment games that attract modern generations. And the development of its games takes an upward path that does not stop. Electronic gaming companies are coming up with different forms of playing it in a fun way and within activities that raise the adrenaline level of players. What is exciting about virtual reality games is that they completely immerse you in their world and in their space, which simulates real reality but is innovative, terrible, and virtual. You will completely disconnect from your real reality when you start any game from it.

You will find yourself driving a racing car, and you will feel that cars surround you from all sides. Or you find yourself flying a plane, and the fighter jets that are facing you are trying to catch you, and they are coming at you from above or from below you. Or you will find yourself holding a sword or any weapon to face a group of fighters who are approaching you to injure you. You will feel like you are in real life, but in fact, you are in a virtual space created for you by modern digital technologies and made for you to integrate into it through some tools and devices.

Virtual reality games in Doha

As usual, Qatar keeps pace with the trends in entertainment and thrill games and provides its visitors with an environment that makes them feel fun and joy. Qatar is full of gaming and entertainment cities. Throughout its capital, Doha, you will find many centers that offer adults and children the most beautiful games, including exciting virtual reality games. One of the great things that is available in Qatar is that some virtual reality gaming centers can be found in some malls and major commercial centers. When you go to the mall, you are not just shopping but practicing all kinds of fun and entertainment through the availability of interesting game cities of all kinds, including virtual reality games. This is without neglecting the availability of these malls for dozens of restaurants, cafes, and beautiful entertainment venues.
Below, we will introduce you to five of the most prominent virtual reality gaming centers in Qatar. Please accompany us on this fun tour:

1- Virtuosity


This place is a park of terrible virtual games. Living in diversity will be an unusual adventure. It is arguably the most important gaming city in Qatar in terms of entertainment, offering virtual reality games. In Virtuosity, you will have the best video gaming experience. It contains a variety of games, including escape rooms, football, and others. This place even offers you the opportunity to benefit from virtual reality in the educational field.

Address: Doha Festival City, Al Khaisa, Doha, Qatar

Contact: +974 4042 0444

Location Google Maps: Doha Festival City

Working hours:
From Saturday to Wednesday: 1 PM–10 PM
Thursday and Friday: 1 PM –12 PM

2- Quest 

Quest City

Quest City is located within the Doha Oasis mixed-use complex. It is a big and wonderful city, and any visitor to it will never forget this place. It includes a mall, high-fashion stores, luxury hotels, a diverse entertainment city, dozens of restaurants and cafes, a cinema, and more. Among the interesting games that Quest Entertainment City contains are virtual reality games. Quest amusement park promises you a set of simulators and virtual reality experiences full of thrills and excitement that will definitely raise your adrenaline level. Visit this place, shop and eat deliciously, and entertain yourself with the most beautiful virtual reality games.

Address: Gulf Street, Doha Oasis, Gate 2, Msheireb, Doha.

Contact: +97444103444

Location Google Maps: Doha Quest

Working hours:
Monday to Saturday: 2 PM–10 PM
Sunday: closed

3- Xtremeland

Extreme Land

Extreme Land is among the packages at the Mall of Qatar, which is considered one of the coolest malls in Doha. It is a place full of entertainment, games, and fun beyond imagination. If you don’t want to spend your time with traditional entertainment games, virtual reality games are waiting for you, as a variety of them are available, such as video games, simulation games, three-dimensional games, and others.

Address: Villa 25, street 605, area 51, Al Gharafa, Al Jahaniya intersection, street 373, Al Rayyan, Doha.

Contact: +974 4034 6000

Location Google Maps: Xtremeland

Working hours:
From Sunday to Thursday: 10 AM to 11 PM
Friday and Saturday: 10 AM to midnight
Closed on Fridays: from 11:30 AM to 1 PM

4- Hang Out

Hang Out in Al Merqab Mall

Featuring a wide range of games, Hang Out offers a great and distinctive experience. In it, you will find, in addition to terrible virtual reality games, PlayStation games, car simulators, flights, escape rooms, and more.
With Hang Out located within Al Murqab Mall, you will have a variety of entertainment activities, shopping, restaurants, and cafes, as well as beautiful virtual reality games waiting for you.

Address: Al Merqab Mall, Al Merqab Area, Al Jadeed Street, Doha.

Contact: +974 4476 1127 

Location Google Maps: Al Mirqab Mall

Opening hours: 10 AM –11 PM

5 – 360 Play

360 Play

This place is equipped with virtual reality games on the best consoles. You can play paid games at excellent prices. You will be able to play a range of virtual reality games, such as Beat Saber, Job Simulator, and Gran Turismo.

Address: West Bay 190, Buruq Tower, 29th floor, Doha.

Contact: +974 7064 4011

Location Google Maps: 360-Play QATAR

Working hours: every day from 8 AM to 5 PM