Top Must-Visit Malls in Doha

Top Must Visit Malls in Doha

Qatar is currently at the height of its brilliance, and Durrat Al Qatar is the capital of Doha, where you can find it pulsating with all the features of tourist, commercial, sports, and cultural life. Among the components of the Qatari capital, which is going through its best stages, are markets and malls spread in lively and active places in the heart of Doha and its outskirts. The malls of Doha are similar to its facilities; they are wonderful and large, equipped with entertainment and restaurants, as well as shops that contain everything that anyone can think of. When you visit Doha these days, you will find it teeming with events, and you will also find the malls crowded with tourists and residents, especially in the evening. You can’t visit Doha without passing by some of its malls, so in this article we will refer to the most important of these malls with their locations and the things they are famous for, so accompany us on this fun trip.

What are the most important malls in Doha?

1- Villaggio Mall

At Villaggio Mall, you will feel like you are in the Italian city of Venice. There is a water path that runs through this mall, and you can walk through it on a wooden heritage boat. On both banks, you will overlook shops, restaurants, and people strolling back and forth in truly beautiful scenery.
Villaggio Mall is considered the most beautiful mall in Doha, and it is one of the most beautiful and luxurious malls in the Arabian Gulf region.

Villaggio Mall

Some of the things you will find at Villaggio Mall 

  • Skating rink 
  • Movie theater 
  • Restaurants 
  • Cafes 
  • Entertainment City 
  • Four-dimensional theater 
  • International fashion stores


Some places you can visit near Villaggio Mall 

  • Aspire Park
  • Jungle Zone
  • Al Koot Fort
  • Tourist boat promenade

Location of Villaggio Mall

Villaggio Mall

2- City Center Mall (City Center Mall) 

City Center Mall will look like a luminous pearl when you visit it in the evening. This mall is one of the largest malls in Qatar. You will be surprised when you enter it that the courtyard in the middle of it has been converted into a skating rink. You can see the skiing activity from all sides and from the balconies of the mall on its multiple floors.

City Center Mall

Some of the things you will find at City Center Mall 

  • Golf course 
  • Children’s play area 
  • A cinema complex with 14 screens 
  • 38 restaurants and cafes worldwide 
  • 370 stores

Some places you can visit near City Center 

  • Museum of Mystery 
  • Corniche 
  • The open-air art museum on the shore of the Bay


City Center Mall location 

City Center Doha mall


3- Mall of Qatar

When you enter the Mall of Qatar’s main lobby, you’ll be surprised to find an oasis in the middle of the mall with sizable plant ponds and vegetation rising to its space, giving the impression that you’re in a picturesque hanging garden. Numerous dining establishments and entertainment venues surround this lobby.

Mall of Qatar

Some of the things you will find at the Mall of Qatar 

  • Professional theater for entertainment shows 
  • Dancing water fountains 
  • A family entertainment complex with the most advanced games
  • Restaurants and cafes 
  • Various shopping stores

Some places you can visit near the Mall of Qatar 

  • Arab Museum of Modern Art 
  • Oxygen Park 
  • The world of angry birds 
  • Aspire Park 
  • Jungle zone

Mall of Qatar location

Mall of Qatar

4- Doha Festival City 

It is the largest commercial complex in Qatar, and it is one of the most visited commercial complexes by tourists. The area of the shops occupied by him is about 600,000 square meters, and the visitor will find for him everything that families desire at the cheapest prices.

Doha Festival City

Some of the things you will find at Doha Festival City 

  • A special path for walking during the summer 
  • Cycling
  • Cinema show 
  • Amusement park 
  • Halls for electronic games 
  • Family-friendly restaurants 
  • Numerous cafes

Some places you can visit near Doha Festival City 

  • Barzan Tower 
  •  Lisail Boulevard
  • Katara Cultural Village 
  • Museum of Illusions  

Doha Festival City location

Doha Festival City

5- Place Vendôme Mall 

The Place Vendôme Mall is a sizable area with a structure that draws inspiration from classical French architecture. It has stores featuring international fashion brands. As elsewhere in Doha, it offers various entertainment facilities.

Place Vendome Mall

Some of the things you will find at Plus Fandom Mall 

  • Aqueduct 
  • Dancing fountains 
  • Three-dimensional laser displays 
  • Two 5-star luxury hotels 
  • Numerous restaurants and cafes 
  • 580 stores

Some places you can visit near Place Vendome Mall 

  • Dancing Fountain
  • Lusail Winter Wonderland
  • Al Maha Island


Plus fandom Mall location

Place Vendôme Mall

6- Lagoona Mall

With a unique modern urban design, Laguna Mall welcomes you, provides you with various means of entertainment, and gives you all the amenities and enjoyment while shopping. At Laguna Mall, you will find the latest international fashion trends and the most important restaurants and cafes that offer what you want.

Lagoona Mall

Some of the things you will find at Laguna Mall

  • A large number of restaurants 
  • Yamaha Music Store and School 
  • A toy store with a wonderful selection of dolls and toys that are suitable for children of all ages 
  • A central theater that hosts live performances, plays, and screen shows 
  • 180 stores

Some places you can visit near Laguna Mall 

  • Katara Cultural Village
  • Lusail Fountain

Laguna Mall location

Lagoona Mall