Riyadh Hosts the World at Expo 2030

Riyadh Hosts the World at Expo 2030

Expo 2030 has won its stay in the Saudi capital Riyadh, as Saudi Arabia is a qualified and ready country to host the world, and it is moving steadily towards greatness and excellence in an impressive way. The capital, Riyadh, has also won by hosting this big event, as it is an opportunity for Saudi Arabia to strengthen its leadership in terms of tourism and investment and to diversify its economic options.

The choice of Saudi Arabia, and the capital Riyadh in particular, to host this international event was very expected and logical in the context of the unprecedented renaissance witnessed by the Two Holy Lands at all levels and in the context of the impressive presentation presented to the organizing committee, on the basis of which sufficient votes were garnered to win this event, which is held once every five years. The date of 2030 as the date for the establishment of this international exhibition came as the culmination of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to achieve its unique and historically defined vision in 2030 as well.

The new Saudi Arabia is on an upward trend year after year. Thanks to the efforts of its inimitable leadership, through the struggle, patience, and perseverance of its people and the perseverance of its competencies and cadres, it will make non-stop qualitative leaps and will be the leader in the entire region, reaching the occasion of Expo 2030, which will give an important economic impetus to it and will open the doors for it to benefit from technology in order to move forward with a smart, strong, and solid economy.


Why are countries racing to host the expo?

Why are countries racing to host the expo

 The history of the holding of this exhibition dates back to the 19th century. Thanks to him, humanity has set itself on the pace of global utilization of the products of science and technology in order to reach many inventions that have changed and will continue to change the lives of people and societies and modify their lifestyles for the better.

The expo opens its doors to receive the latest technological capabilities, possibilities, and discoveries of mankind that are capable of improving human life, developing its potential, and protecting the Earth, the environment, and the climate. The country of choice is developing its infrastructure to host this huge exhibition. Such an international celebration needs large and numerous exhibition venues, as well as hotels, to welcome visitors from all over the world. This will also entail the development of transport and communication networks and the provision of everything necessary to receive millions of visitors, including entrepreneurs and inventors. Expos attract more visitors than the World Cup or the International Olympics, which are also held periodically in different places each time.

This means that the investment in the infrastructure to host the expo will bring significant benefits that exceed the amount spent for this hosting. And after the end of the exhibition, which takes about 6 months, the erected infrastructure will be a magnet for capital and will attract the most significant investments of all. The geographical location of the exhibition will become a zone of population, economic, commercial, tourist, and cultural recovery.


What is the cultural impact of Expo on Saudis? 

What is the cultural impact of Expo on Saudis

The important economic impact that Expo 2030 will have on Saudi Arabia and Saudi society in general is no secret. But if we want to point out the biggest impact of this exhibition, it is in its cultural dimension. Imagine with me that Saudi society will be in contact with the latest products of science, technology, art, and culture with their inspection of its territory for six months. This exhibition will reshape the consciousness of modern generations by attracting them to the fields of knowledge, science, and technology.

Young people will be more motivated to pay attention to these productive sectors, through which strong nations are leading the modern world. The vision of wise leadership in Saudi Arabia tends to consider youth as the most important and greatest wealth of the country. Through their minds, skills, and specializations, Saudi Arabia can be great, pioneering, and advanced in various fields. The Saudi youth have the potential and capabilities that make them eligible for this status and this great horizon.


Some information about Expo Riyadh 2030

Some information about Expo Riyadh 2030

  • The Saudi capital Riyadh’s hosting of this exhibition will be an exceptional and great event, especially as the history of this celebration intersects with Saudi Arabia’s progress towards achieving its great Vision 2030 and with the place that Saudi Arabia occupies in the minds of Arabs and Muslims all over the world. 
  • This victory came as a result of the efforts and hard work to host this event since October 2021, when Saudi Arabia announced its desire to host this exhibition. 
  • Saudi Arabia received 119 votes against 29 votes for South Korea and 17 for Italy, thus ensuring the hosting of this exhibition with a high percentage of votes, which indicates the great confidence that Saudi Arabia holds among all countries.
  •  The design of the exhibition’s estimated 226 pavilions was beautifully and symbolically oriented to be shaped like a globe, with the equator in the middle. 
  • The success of Saudi Arabia’s hosting of the World Expo 2030 will be a prelude to another impressive success in hosting the World Cup, which will be held on its territory in 2034. 
  • It is expected that the number of visitors during the establishment of this exhibition will reach 40 million, and this is a huge and promising number and will bring great benefits to Saudi Arabia in many ways. 
  • In the virtual world, the number of visitors will reach almost a billion. 
  • 246 participants from countries and international organizations, as well as unofficial participants from around the world, are expected to join. 
  • The exhibition and everything related to it will be held on an area of up to 6 million square meters. 
  • The exhibition location will be in the north of Riyadh, about 5 to 10 minutes by car from King Khalid International Airport. 
  • Saudi Arabia will organize this exhibition from October 2030 to March 2031.