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Book Cheap Air Tickets Through almatar

Book Cheap Air Tickets Through Almatar

almatar is one of the most important applications in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it won the Best Application Award in 2022. The reason why the almatar application is always at the forefront is that the customer can book airline tickets from more than 500 airlines with the option of comparing prices and services, and he can also book from most hotels around the world with the possibility of comparing them while providing secure payment options coupled with easy and fast service from your home in addition to installment payment service.
almatar’s website provides you with a stylish, easy-to-use interface, which promises you to get to what you are looking for very quickly and smoothly. You can select the airline at the push of a button and specify the date of departure and return through a special field on the website. If you want, you can access the cheapest flights available, as well as select the cheapest hotels with their specifications, and you will find a bunch of photos displayed about each hotel in a special box on almatar’s website page.


What are the advantages of booking through almatar?

When you visit almatar’s website or the online application on your phone, you will discover that you are in front of a super amazing service, which makes your life easier if you travel a lot and makes you aware of the prices with the ability to choose the privileges you want and exclude services that you do not need.
Accompany us at this address, where we will provide you, in the form of points, the most important features of booking through almatar’s electronic media:
1. Savings and warranty: the volume of offers you will find is terrible, and they are always renewed, and the other important thing is that any operation you do is within the warranty and security department; your right is always preserved, and it cannot be lost, and you can communicate with the almatar team with a quick response from them to fix any problem that may occur.

  1. Competitive prices: You will find that the prices offered through almatar are always the best. Competitive prices include hotels and air tickets. And if you follow some of the instructions that we’ll go through later, you can get the best prices of all.
  2. Installment payment: This feature actually makes your life easier, as you can pay air tickets in installments and divide the hotel reservation into easy payments.
  3. Full information: you will find enough information about which hotel you want to book at and which airline you want to get served by. You just have to visit the special field to get the information you want.
  4. Wide options for booking flights: almatar deals with more than 500 airlines around the world. Imagine how many options are available to you when booking!
  5. Extensive hotel options: the hotel offers you more than a million hotels around the world, with the possibility of making a comparison between hotels in the same city.
  6. User-friendly interface: a stylish, eye-friendly, and user-friendly interface will appeal to you. All options are available to you on the right side of the screen and at the top. Furthermore, the page always updates its prices and offers.
  7. Round-the-clock technical support: where you can review any issue you object to, ask for clarification, or remedy any problem you face.


Tips for booking cheap air tickets through almatar

Below, we will give you some tips that will help you book cheap air tickets through almatar. These tips are:

  • Activate the almatar notification service: when you subscribe to the almatar application, you can activate the notification service that alerts you to the many offers that the company always offers, so you don’t miss the cheap prices or suitable offers that come with booking hotels as an integrated basket.
  • Choosing the right time: The time factor is crucial to getting cheap tickets. When you book two months before the flight date, this will make the cost less for you, or when you book during non-seasons, holidays, or non-holidays.
  • Waiting for discount codes: from time to time, almatar offers special discount codes, either on air tickets or on hotel reservations. Follow the codes that are provided throughout the months of the year.
  • Booking from less well-known airlines: some companies are less well-known, and although their service is excellent, you can easily make a comparison between airlines via almatar.


E-application and flight booking sections

Download the almatar e-app via the Apple Store or Google Play or Hawawi Gallery or open almatar website on the computer, but here we will customize the speech with the electronic application being on the phone and accessible to everyone.
When you open the almatar website application, you will see an interface that is convenient to look at, easy to use, and has no complications. On the right of the screen from the top, you can subscribe to the application through an electronic account. After that, we go to the main sections of the application, which are as follows:

  1. Hotels field: when you enter it, three boxes will appear to you: the first one is to write the destination, the second one is for the date, and the third one is to specify the number of guests and rooms required. When you click on the search field, you will get dozens of options that you can compare. You can search for a hotel on the map, arrange it in different parts, and filter the results according to the options you want.
  2. Flight field: when you enter this field, you will see three boxes, the first of which specifies your destination, either going only or going and returning. The second box will determine the date, and the third box will determine the class of travel. After clicking on the search field, many airlines will appear to you, and it can be filtered by selecting the companies you want to compare between them. When clicking on the desired company, you will see the many services of the flight that you can choose from and exclude others from, and all this affects the ticket price.
  3. Apartments field: when you enter this field, you will see three fields: the first to specify the city, the second specify the date, and the third to specify the number of rooms and guests. When you click on the search box, the results will appear to you, and in the results, you will see the apartments recommended by almatar, which are distinctive in terms of specifications, location, and price.
  4. The Offers field: contains the continuous offers that almatar shows on its application from time to time. And you should always check these offers for discounts and special prices, especially if you travel a lot.
  5. Popular hotels field: reviews the most popular hotels with reviews and photos.  
  6. Top destinations: according to almatar, here are the top: Manama, Jeddah, Dubai, Riyadh, and Cairo.
  7. Search field: for in-app search.
  8. The Flights field: displays the flights you’ve booked.
  9. Discounts field: where you can find discounts on flights and hotels.
  10. More: It contains some basic settings for the application.

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