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How to Enjoy Fasting Ramadan in Medina?

The Prophet's mosque is the most important place of worship during Ramadan 1

Ramadan fasting in Medina can only be fun, beautiful, and filled with the spirituality of worship and the breeze of the neighborhood of the Prophet’s mosque. Medina, with all its sites, Islamic history, activities, and events, provides every visitor with the opportunity to have the most beautiful Ramadan he can have in his life. As soon as you set foot on its land, you will feel the distinctive atmosphere and inhale the fragrance of the sanctity of this place, which was and still is the land of scholars, mosques, circles of knowledge and remembrance, and the land of Islamic history flourishing with laurels with what the Holy Prophet founded landmarks that have remained until now witness to the place of this spot of land in the hearts of Muslims.

Medina includes many dimensions, activities, and attractions that can turn your visit to it into a real pleasure, so that you are not limited to fasting and prayer only, but do a lot of beautiful things that you will not forget as long as you live. Book in one of the nearby hotels through almatar website and enjoy the most beautiful Ramadan season in the Land of the Messenger.


Medina in Ramadan and volunteering to feed the guests of Allah

The people of Medina continue their customs during the month of Ramadan, where they celebrate fasting and spread iftar tables for them in various parts of their city. They cooperate in honoring the guests of the Most Merciful, young and old alike, sparing no effort or expense. You see them spreading out mats on the ground, placing on them the dates, laban, and delicious food they have prepared throughout the day. They consider this work to be in the face of Allah, and they do not seek through it any other, exalted one. In fact, their work reflects a lot of meanings and values. In addition to the meaning of closeness to God, we find in it the voluntary dimension, and volunteering is the most important spiritual activity that can be characterized by any society because, with this behavior, it helps the weak and the rich, and there are no poor people who cannot find their daily sustenance in society. This work also reflects the spirit of giving and generosity, the spirit of chivalry and sacrifice, and other values as well.

Here we come to one of the beautiful activities that a visitor to Madinah can contribute to during the holy month of Ramadan, where he can participate and volunteer in one of the associations or groups that prepare food for fasting people or organize its delivery and distribution. This work you will not forget throughout your life, and you will feel its terrible pleasure. You will wish that you visited Medina every year just to participate in this honorable and wonderful work that God loves.


The Prophet’s mosque is the most important place of worship during Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is a full-time month for worship, prayer, and reading the Koran. During this month, the Prophet’s mosque is full of worshippers and Quran reciters. You will not find anything that can provide you with spirituality during this holy month, like visiting the Prophet’s mosque every day to perform the obligatory prayers, complete reading parts of the Koran, or perform Taraweeh prayers. The atmosphere in the mosque will encourage you to do these devotional activities. Watching Quran reading episodes will motivate you to join them and do it daily. 

To enjoy the spiritual atmosphere in the Prophet’s sanctuary, make an effort to book a hotel nearby, as you can reach it more than once a day on foot. The most beautiful steps are for one of us to walk to prayer in the Prophet’s mosque, where prayer weighs more than in other mosques in terms of remuneration and reward.


The city’s markets and malls are waiting for you in Ramadan

Shopping in the markets and shops of Medina is a pleasure in itself, especially within the sociable Ramadan atmosphere that imposes itself on every detail of people’s lives. And shopping has its pleasure both before breakfast during the day and after breakfast during the evening. During the day, you can spend your time in the popular markets, contemplating the many beautiful exhibits that entice you to buy them. You will not feel hungry walking around these markets and talking with traders about the things they offer in their shops.

In the evening, the fun is doubled, as the markets are full of passers-by and shoppers. The activity of merchants increases after breakfast, and they are creative in displaying their clothes, gifts, souvenirs, antiques, and everything else that comes to the mind of the visitor to these markets.


Don’t miss the enjoyment of iftar in Medina during Ramadan

Medina is full of many restaurants that offer delicious food. Visit the Arabesque restaurant for delicious Asian and Mediterranean food, which is one of the restaurants near the Prophet’s Haram. Or visit the Cocoa & More restaurant for the most delicious French and American cuisine. As for the Town Pour restaurant, it will serve you delicious pizza and European food. This is a sample of the featured restaurants.

There are also many cafes in the city, and there is nothing pleasant about visiting a cafe an hour after breakfast, where you and your friends get shots of delicious coffee or freshly squeezed juices. The International Jazz Lounge Cafe is waiting to give you this pleasure, as well as Al Ghamama Cafe.


A city full of attractions and history

You will never get tired of walking around Medina. You are in a very ancient city, and around it was the establishment of the first Islamic community. Wherever you go, you can find signs that point to this. Rather, the neighborhoods of the city may highlight to you different epochs of the beautiful history of this city.

Do not deny yourself the opportunity to wander and walk through the old quarters; ask the hotel service for a comprehensive guide to the sights that you can visit during Ramadan.

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