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Cheap Flight Deals to London

Cheap Flight Deals to London

When you visit almatar offer, you will find many of the latest offers and features that are renewed every period. Do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of almatar package, through which you will get cheap air tickets to London. Cheap flights to London are easy to get if you download almatar app on your phone to follow the latest offers offered by almatar, especially for major events in Saudi Arabia.

Are almatar offers limited to London only? Of course not; almatar offers all major tourist destinations around the world. But in today’s article, we will focus on London, as it is one of the most important destinations to which Arab tourists travel, especially from Saudi Arabia, every year.

And before talking about getting cheap air tickets to London through almatar, we’ll tell you about the terrible advantages of traveling to London and the tourism there.


London is the most beautiful city in Britain

London is a city of fog, magic, and mystery that attracts tourists from all over the world. London is a city of antique neighborhoods full of the alluring fragrance of British history. London is full of picturesque tourist destinations, through which the famous Thames River crosses, and the most beautiful landmarks such as Big Ben and the famous London Bridge overlook it. Large and small ferries carrying tourists and visitors pass through the river.

London is a city of ancient monuments, museums, ancient palaces, and monumental churches that bear the hallmarks of past centuries. London, being the most important city in Britain, has a lot of hotels of different levels, staffed by professional crews who know how to deal with tourists while making them feel comfortable and relaxed.

Restaurants are another story in London, where it is full of the most important and distinguished restaurants in Europe, and you can also find your meals as an Arab or as a Gulf available in many restaurants that offer delicious Arabic food, whether Mediterranean, Levantine, Saudi, Iraqi, Kuwaiti, or Yemeni. 

What do you think? With the most delicious cup of coffee and the most delicious glass of juice in one of the cafes next to London Bridge and overlooking the Thames, you will spend unforgettable moments with your friends or family watching the waters of the historical river and witnessing one of the most ancient cities on the entire European continent.


Cheap flight tickets to London via almatar

Before you book your flight to London, open the hotels page of almatar and choose the hotel where you want to stay. The site provides you with a lot of options, including the hotel category, location, services, and the range of prices that you can afford. When choosing a hotel, visit its page on the website, make sure that you like its specifications, look at some of the photos presented, and decide on your choice after that.

After you have made a reservation at the right hotel for you in London, visit the flight booking page of almatar and select the airline through which you want to fly. There are many airlines that you can book through to London through almatar’s website. These companies include British Airways, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Etihad Airways, Middle East Airlines, Emirates, Gulf Air, KLM Royal Dutch, and other companies. Determining the right price for you is available to you on the website. Watch the horizontal and vertical options columns on the site to make sure that you have entered all the data you want. From this data, the circle of prices charged by you, the class of the flight, the country of departure and the country of arrival, the number of passengers, the airline, and other options as well.


Cheap hotels in London via almatar

We will be exposed to talking about 5 hotels, the prices of which are very appropriate for being in the 4-star category. They are hotels that have excellent service, and the accommodation in them is wonderful and distinctive. You can book them through almatar website. These hotels are:

  1. YHA London St. Pancras hostel
  2. YHA London Central Hostel
  3. Hallmark Hotel Croydon Aerodrome
  4. Ramada-Wyndham London North M1
  5. Holiday Inn London Sutton


  • YHA London St. Pancras hostel

Hotel Category: 4 stars.

Hotel address: 79-81 Euston Rd, London NW1 2QE, United Kingdom.

Hotel location: Kabannas London St Pancras

Room rates start at 54 USD.


  • YHA London Central Hostel

Hotel Category: 4 stars.

Hotel address: 104 Bolsover St, London W1W 5NU, United Kingdom.

Hotel location: YHA London Central Hostel

Room rates start at 56 USD.


  • Hallmark Hotel Croydon Aerodrome

Hotel Category: 4 stars.

Hotel address: 680 Purley Way.

Hotel location: Hallmark Hotel

Room rates start at  71 USD.


  • Ramada-Wyndham London North M1

Hotel Category: 4 stars.

Hotel address: Between Jct 2-4, M1, London NW7 3HU, United Kingdom.

Hotel location: Ramada London North M1

Room rates start at 81 USD.


  • Holiday Inn London Sutton

Hotel Category: 4 stars.

Hotel address: Gibson Road.

Hotel location: Holiday Inn London – Sutton, an IHG Hotel

Room rates start at 99 USD.


Discounted almatar offers and flight bookings

One of the most important features of almatar website is its constant keenness to always provide the best offers. And you will not find it a competitor in offering the cheapest air tickets to Paris and others, and you will feel it all year round. As for almatar website services, they are constantly evolving, and when you visit the booking site, be careful to take advantage of all the options provided by the site. The sidebar is full of services and options. The top horizontal bar contains search options by date, destination, and flight category. As for the airlines, you will find in each of them a set of options, and you just have to choose what suits you best.

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