Your Guide to Spending Ramadan in Dubai

Your Guide to Spending Ramadan in Dubai 2

Dubai never misses an opportunity without preparing for it. No tourist sets foot on Dubai’s soil without finding it prepared to welcome them according to the occasion, whether religious, international, or local. Notice, for example, how Dubai welcomes its visitors during New Year’s Eve or during the major Islamic holidays, Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. Then you will realize that Dubai is the most important tourist city in the world.

 The month of Ramadan in Dubai is also different; the city is preparing for it weeks before it comes. Everyone who spends the month of Ramadan in Dubai can touch its beauty everywhere and in every facility. 

Let Dubai be your tourist stop during the holy month of Ramadan to enjoy a special vacation, a relaxing fast, and fun shopping. Dubai has prepared for you and is waiting for you. 

 Below, you will follow with us some addresses about the route for spending the most beautiful month of Ramadan in Dubai.


The most delicious Iftar in Dubai’s luxurious restaurants

The city of Dubai is adept at offering its restaurants to tourists; this beautiful city overlooking the Gulf Coast and decorated with the tallest towers in the world has fine and luxurious restaurants in the most beautiful places in it. You may have your Ramadan Iftar in a quiet romantic session on the beach, where you can only hear the sound of the waves, or you may have it in a high-altitude place where you can look out over the Dubai skyline and its bright neighborhoods in the evening. One of the things available in Dubai restaurants is the variety of cuisines, as it includes various international cuisines, especially those Middle Eastern ones that serve the most delicious cuisine and put something delicious on the Ramadan table for you. Below, we will give you examples of some places that can be frequented to eat in Ramadan:

  • Restaurant “Beef Bar Dubai”: you will have your Ramadan Iftar in it near Turtle Lake with a selection of delicious dishes.  
  • “The Restaurant”: located in the beach resort of the address, in this restaurant you will have a wonderful sunset scene, with an open buffet that includes shawarma, seafood, and soup, as well as grilled meat, followed by delicious desserts.  
  • Restaurant “Aseel”: located in the hotel “Rixos Premium Dubai,” it offers the most delicious dishes of Turkish, Lebanese, and Moroccan cuisines.
  • Restaurant “SLS Dubai”: overlooks the Dubai skyline, and the list of desserts that follow Iftar is awesome and very special.

Wonderful evenings in the evening in Ramadan tents 

It’s nice to stay up late in Dubai’s Ramadan tents, and you can have Suhoor food there before leaving for the hotel. The most beautiful thing about Ramadan tents are the unforgettable moments that you will spend with family and friends. Ramadan tents are located in the most beautiful places in Dubai. Some of them are located in luxury hotels, and some of them overlook the sea with the sight of ships and ferries passing through the water. 

The service in these tents is special, and the staff crews are floating around to serve and fulfill their requests. And as for the menu, it’s awesome and unmissable. The kitchens of these tents offer a variety of cuisines to make you visit them every day during the month of Ramadan. 


Nothing beats shopping in Dubai during Ramadan

Dubai is the No. 1 shopping city in the region; it hosts the largest malls and the most luxurious shops. All the international fashion that is presented in the most important stores in the world will be available in Dubai. One of the advantages of shopping is the tempting offers offered by the markets during the month of Ramadan. These offers continue and are also related to the occasion of Eid al-Fitr. At Dubai Souks, you will find amazing offers on clothes for men, women, and children. You should not miss these offers because they are special for this holy month.  

One of the advantages of shopping in Dubai is the option to buy awesome gifts for your loved ones. You will find amazing offers, and the stores that offer you gifts can never disappoint you with them.


Ramadan activities in Dubai are not the coolest

There are a lot of activities and events in Dubai during the holy month of Ramadan. At the Ramadan Night Market, which is held at the Dubai World Trade Center, craft products and unique works will be displayed, from fashion and accessories to handicrafts, jewelry, and household products. 

In the Ramadan District of Expo Dubai, you will embark on a journey through the world of cuisine to taste the most delicious flavors of various international cuisines, including folk cuisine.

 During the Al Marmoom Heritage Festival, you are on a date with two continuous weeks of entertainment events suitable for everyone, including camel races. 

What we have mentioned are examples of activities and events in Dubai during the month of Ramadan; otherwise, what awaits you is more than this. 


Dubai in Ramadan and its amazing entertainment facilities  

Ramadan in Dubai is really different; entertainment and extraversion do not stop throughout the holy month. During the month of Ramadan, the city of Dubai offers fireworks displays on an ongoing basis. Take your family and children to the designated places and watch amazing fireworks shows in the sky. Fireworks displays will be available at Bluewaters Island, The Beach, JBR, Al Seef, and Dubai Festival City Mall.  

At Expo City Dubai, there is a lot of excitement and fun waiting for you, and children can participate in entertaining workshops while you are doing sports or health activities there.  

At Dubai Festival City Mall, you will enjoy unforgettable times in the carnival game booths, participate in cultural events, watch dazzling interactive models, and taste delicious cuisine in the available restaurants.

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