10 Tips for Travelers Planning to Travel During Ramadan

10 Tips for Travelers Planning to Travel During Ramadan

Traveling during Ramadan entails taking certain measures. Especially since the Ramadan program, which changes the lifestyle of a person in the country where he lives, will also be reflected on the rest of his activities, especially the tourist activity. The difference in the dates of his eating, the devotional activity, the dates of his departure for the tourist activity in the country to which he is heading, and the type of restaurants where he will eat—all of this will impose itself on him when planning travel. They must be taken into account in order for travel to be successful.


Are there any cautions against traveling during the month of Ramadan?

There is definitely no objection. Traveling during the month of Ramadan is a special and exciting experience in which a person experiences the feeling of fasting hunger and travel fatigue and learns how to deal with this exceptional situation. It remains that planning and good management are what make traveling during Ramadan comfortable and enjoyable, especially if tourist travel is religious travel.

How wonderful it is to travel to one of the holy places, such as Mecca and Medinah. Here, traveling during Ramadan becomes wonderful and in demand because of the importance of combining Ramadan fasting with being in such places.


What are the tips for travelers during the holy month of Ramadan? 

There are many tips that can be said in this place, but we will focus on the top 10 of them, which we consider the most important and most useful for traveling during the month of Ramadan. And these tips are:

  • Plan, then plan, and then plan your travel

Planning is the one that minimizes the pitfalls and problems during your travel and at any time you want to travel. Since your travel will be during the month of Ramadan, planning to travel during this month will relieve fatigue and avoid many obstacles.

  • Choose travel timing carefully

Try to choose a travel time that does not raise your fatigue level. This is due to the nature of your body and your reaction to fasting or to the condition after breaking the fast. It may be convenient for you to travel during the day, and it may be convenient for you to travel at night. You may not like Iftar on the plane, and you may need to have a good Suhoor meal, which is not available on the plane. All these details make it necessary for you to choose your travel time carefully. 

  • Choose a suitable travel destination

If you want tourism, it is better to choose a destination that is suitable for the atmosphere of the month of Ramadan. Ramadan is the month of visiting mosques, praying at night, and turning to Allah with prayers. All these things urge you to choose a destination where there are mosques, the right atmosphere, and the ability to eat Iftar and Suhoor at the right time. And how great it is to make your tourist travel to Mecca, Medina, or even Cairo, or any Muslim country that has houses of worship, where you can integrate with the local Muslim community and share their activities during Ramadan.

  • Follow the healthy guidelines for fasting

Following a healthy and proper diet, eating in a balanced way, taking a sufficient amount of water distributed between Iftar and Suhoor, getting enough sleep, and practicing proper physical activity for Ramadan—all of this makes for a special tourist vacation and stable travel.
Do not forget to bring all the medicines you need that you take periodically, and provide a reserve amount of them that may be missing in the country you are traveling to.
Ask about restaurants that offer healthy and clean eating; this is an essential path if you want to stay healthy.

  • Select the locations of the mosques you will visit

Going to the mosque should be part of your tourist travel program, especially since you are traveling during the month of Ramadan. Since you will decide which hotel to stay in, you can get acquainted with the nearest mosques from there. And regularly attend it during prayer times; this will make your travels special.
If there are no mosques in the place where you live, set aside a corner in your room, make it a special place for prayer, dua, and tasbeeh, and perform the work in the same place every day.

  • Integrate with the local community

Do not isolate yourself from participating in various volunteer activities during Ramadan in the country to which you are going. Integrating with the local community will increase the pleasure of your travel, increase your social experience, and enhance your culture. Learn more about the community you live in and about the communicative language they use, as well as the beautiful values they profess.

  • Experience the fun of food preparation

You may not be a fan of eating Iftar and Suhoor in restaurants, but this requires you to book a hotel room with a kitchenette to be able to prepare your own food every day. Find out which food stores are nearby or close to your place of residence, and record all your needs on a sheet of paper so as not to forget about them. Make a list of the suggested meals that you will prepare during the month of Ramadan, make the experience of preparing food an enjoyable one, and try to blog about it or share your experience with others through communication sites.

  • Download Ramadan apps

There are many applications that provide you with useful services for everything you need in your life. Ramadan apps are now available on smartphone stores, and they can offer you prayer times according to the coordinates of the country you are traveling to. Also, many of these applications contain a bouquet of duas and dhikr in addition to the electronic Quran.

  • Make a plan for Iftar and Suhoor meals

Even if you want to eat during Ramadan in restaurants, it is important to make a list of foods that are right for you and that you want to eat day after day. This list will also help you choose the right restaurant, as you can book a dining table for you after confirming the meals that the restaurant prepares for you at Iftar time.

  • Know how you will spend your day during Ramadan

Plan how you will spend your time on each day of Ramadan. Even if you are traveling on business, you may need a program that organizes what activities you can do after you finish your work. And here I offer you some suggestions:
You can spend your time reading, listening to lectures, writing, watching movies, learning a new skill, or experiencing the work of a tour to explore the city where you are staying.