Which Time is the Best to Go to Egypt and Jordan?

Which Time is the Best to Go to Egypt and Jordan

What is the best time to travel to Egypt and Jordan ? Egypt and Jordan are par excellence tourist countries, and tourists visit them all year round. If we are going to talk about the best time to go to Jordan and Egypt, It is good to be aware that the percentage of their visits varies from season to season, with the percentage increasing in spring, autumn, and winter and decreasing in summer. Each of them has attractions and tourist areas that may be recommended to visit at another time or season. So, in this article, we will try to look at the nature of the climate in Egypt and Jordan and the tips received on visiting their cities during the seasons of the year. Or, in other words, our speech will be about best time to go to Egypt and Jordan .

We will talk about Egypt first because it is a large and sprawling country and one of the richest countries in the world, with historical monuments and tourist attractions.

How is the climate in Egypt?

How is the climate in Egypt?

There are four seasons in Egypt, namely summer, winter, spring, and autumn. The summer season in Egypt is considered long if we compare it with the rest of the seasons because it starts in May and ends at the end of September. As in the Mediterranean countries, July and August are the hottest months in Egypt, and the sun is shining in them.

Winter is the best season in Egypt if you are determined to visit it. The prospects of moving between the regions and the implementation of a large and focused tourist program are very available during this semester. Most of the Egyptian cities can be visited and stayed in during the winter. Especially since the winter in Egypt is not cold and the amount of precipitation is not large due to the fact that it is a country with large desert areas.

In winter, you can visit the pharaonic monuments and head to the Egyptian countryside, visit the coasts of the Mediterranean, or visit the Red Sea. Or visit Sinai and its wonderful tourist resorts. Walking and discovering the living is also a pleasure in the winter in Egypt. You will not find it more beautiful than to walk along the Nile Corniche or in the neighborhoods of Old Cairo and enjoy contemplating its details as one of the most ancient cities in the region. You will walk and not feel the inconvenience of the heat, and the cold winter air will warm you without making you feel hurt because the winter in Egypt is not as harsh as we have already mentioned. The peak of winter in Egypt is in December–January.

During October and November, autumn arrives in Egypt, and during March and April, spring arrives. Temperatures are moderate during these two seasons. And you can visit historical archaeological areas, attend festivals, museums, and other attractions and events.

When is the best time to visit Egypt?

When is the best time to visit Egypt?

Your visit’s goal and the places and attractions you want to see in Egypt will determine the answer to this question. But in general, it can be said that winter, spring, and autumn are the best times to visit Egypt, and summer is at the bottom of the list. In winter, spring, and autumn, you can walk around quite comfortably, and you have to protect yourself from the cold during the winter, especially in the evening. It is important to take into account that Egypt is a desert country, so you may experience relatively dry and hot weather in some southern regions or near the coasts of the Red Sea during the spring and autumn.

A guide to visiting the sights of Egypt by season of the year


Autumn in Egypt

As for autumn, it is during October and November. The gradual crowding in Egypt begins this season due to the improvement of the weather and the exit from the summer heat. In this chapter, you can visit the archaeological sites that Egypt is famous for. How about walking around the streets of Cairo, which resemble the great labyrinth? And what else do you think about attending the Cairo International Film Festival, which is ideal for cinema lovers?


Spring in Egypt

The fifties winds, which occasionally carry hot and dry winds, may interrupt some of your programs for a day or two during this season, which is between March and April when the weather is pleasant. During spring, you will enjoy the Egyptian coast, especially the one on the Mediterranean Sea. You can do a lot of activities along the Nile River.


Winter in Egypt

Egypt is crowded during December, January, and February. It’s not hot in the daytime, and the nights are cool. In this class, you can visit beaches and resorts and go to the desert to do some activities, such as camel riding. And you can take a cruise on the Nile River.
How about also visiting the Karnak temples in Luxor, participating in the Abu Simbel Sun Festival, and joining the locals to celebrate some traditions and try popular foods? In this chapter, you will be happy to visit the pyramids in Giza.

When is the best time to visit Jordan?

When is the best time to visit Jordan?

Jordan is great during spring and autumn, when the day is warm and pleasant and the nights are relatively cool. This weather is ideal in Jordan for excursions. And you can take long walks in the old quarters and markets, wander through nature reserves, and get acquainted with flora and fauna.

Summer in Jordan is very hot, and the heat can reach the forties on the Celsius scale. And you can visit Jordan this season if the high heat does not affect your mood or activity.

Jordan’s winter is cold, especially at night. Snow may fall in some areas, including the capital, Amman. So, if the rains bother you and restrict your movement, and if you do not like cold weather to do tourist activities, I do not recommend you visit Jordan during this season.

A guide to visiting the sights of Jordan by season of the year


Summer in Jordan

In the summer, the Jerash Festival is held, which is an annual celebration of music and theater that takes place among the historical monuments that Jordan celebrates. You can practice diving on the coast of the Red Sea at the Gulf of Aqaba, where you will enjoy watching the coral reefs that enjoy the depths in this sea.

Autumn and spring seasons

Autumn and spring seasons in Jordan

You can attend the Jordanian car race, which is held on the sand dunes. And visit Petra to see that amazing and majestic human masterpiece carved into the rock.
In these two seasons, you can walk around a lot in Jordan. You will enjoy the views of desert valleys and green spaces in some other areas. Jordan is a country full of antiquity, history, and natural diversity, and you will have a great opportunity to discover all this during the fall and spring.

Winter season

Winter season in Jordan

In winter, you can enjoy the international art festivals held in Azraq and Aqaba.