Where Are the Best Beaches in Turkey?

Where Are the Best Beaches in Turkey

Turkey is considered a country of seas; it has large and beautiful sea expanses. What is distinctive about the seas of Turkey is that they are diverse; they overlook the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea, the Sea of Marmara, and the Black Sea. The best beaches in Turkey will be scattered across these four seas. Each sea will have its own imprint and its own unique geography. So, spending time on the shores of the Mediterranean has a different imprint than that of the Aegean or the Black Sea. The favorable times for being on the shores of these seas are also different. The Mediterranean is warmer for many months. While the Black Sea climate is not, the cold weather can be a hindrance at many times during the year.

Another important thing about the nicest beaches in Turkey is that Turkey is a tourist country par excellence, so you will find a lot of beaches equipped with tourist facilities and equipment that provide the visitor with a beautiful and enjoyable time. Therefore, the good beaches in Turkey also depend on the standard of readiness of these beaches and their ability to provide the best service.

Here are the best beaches in Turkey that will be talked about in this article:

  1. Iztuzu Beach
  2. Kaputas Beach
  3. Ayazma Beach
  4. Atakum Beach
  5. Tekirdag Beach
  6. Sirali Beach
  7. Butterfly Valley Beach
  8. Kaş Beach

1- Iztuzu Beach

Location: Iztuzu Beach overlooks the Mediterranean Sea.

Position on the Map: İztuzu Beach

Iztuzu Beach

For a distance of about 5 kilometers, Iztuzu Beach merges with the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean Sea. This beach is known for its turtles that lay their eggs in the sand every year, which means that visiting this beach is about merging with nature from several sides: on the one hand, the sand, the sea, its algae and fish, as well as turtles that move between the sea and land.

In Iztuzu Beach, you can take a trip on tourist boats on the various waterways of this wonderful place.
In some spaces, you will find beautifully paved sun loungers with their umbrellas for a great day at the beach.
This beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey, and it is traditional on the one hand that it does not have a resort or a hotel. And what it will do is that you will book a sun lounger directly for you and enjoy the fresh Mediterranean air.


2- Kaputas Beach

Location: Kaputas Beach overlooks the Mediterranean Sea.

Position on the Map: Kaputaş Beach

Kaputas Beach

When you reach the area where Kaputas Beach is located, you will find rocky hills with light vegetation, very similar to the Mediterranean hills that you find in many Mediterranean regions of countries bordering this sea. At the end of a long rocky cliff, you will find a sandy area, as if reserved for those who want to relax on the seashore in this area. This rocky cliff encircles the beach on three sides, and the sandy Mediterranean Sea coast is visible from the fourth side.
To get to Kaputas Beach, you can use the stairs built to take you from the top of the cliff to the sand on the beach. And you can get to it through boat trips, which is a very exciting way, and you will feel fun through it.


3- Ayazma Beach

Location: Ayazma Beach is located on an island with a picturesque view of the Aegean Sea.

Position on the Map: Ayazma Plajı

Ayazma Beach

Low hills surround the area where Ayazma Beach is located. This beach is considered the most famous on this Turkish island, located in the Aegean Sea. You will enjoy the clean water, because of which you can see marine life if you try to dive into some of its depths close to the shore.
Ayazma Beach is equipped with everything you need, where you will find deck chairs with umbrellas. And you can go to some restaurants near the beach when you feel hungry.


4- Atakum Beach

Location: Atakum Beach is located on the Black Sea.

Position on the Map: Atakum Beach

Atakum Beach

Atakum Beach is one of the most beautiful and largest beaches in the Black Sea. It is full of facilities and equipped to make you spend a day of excitement and enjoyment on its golden sands. On the beach of Atakum, you will not just swim or sunbathe; you will play on the sports grounds; you will stroll along the beach by bicycle.
This beach has restaurants, cafes, markets, and many other amenities. You can also book a secluded space on it to have privacy, especially if you are with your family.


5- Tekirdag Beach

Location: Tekirdag Beach is located on the sea of Marmara.

Position on the Map: Tekirdağ

Tekirdag Beach

The geographical spot that surrounds the sea of Marmara is full of the genius of history through architecture, monuments, and landmarks that still exist today. When you swim in the sea of Marmara, you will feel that this sea has witnessed many events throughout history, especially since it is located between two continents that faced many conflicts in addition to the mixing of civilizations, until things settled down to make this place belong to one country.

Tekirdag Beach is also known as the Pearl of Marmara. The length of its coastline is about 150 kilometers. Additionally, there are two ways to get to this beach: the coastal road and the inland one.

This beach is located in the Turkish city of Charkoy, a city known for being a platform for skydiving enthusiasts.


6- Sirali Beach

Location: Sirali Beach overlooks the Mediterranean Sea.

Position on the Map: Çıralı Beach

Sirali Beach

When you arrive at Sirali Beach,you will find an area with heights ranging from low to high. There are some low elevations at the back of the beach, and on the horizon to its sides, you will find high elevations covered with tree cover. At the end of the cliff, a surreal beach stretches in a picturesque geographical spot in the middle of a wonderful forest.

The city where this beach is located has small hotels, from which you can set off to a surreal beach and spend a beautiful day on its fine sand.


7- Butterfly Valley Beach

Location: Butterfly Valley Beach overlooks the Mediterranean Sea.

Position on the Map: Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley Beach

You won’t regret traveling to the area where this beach is located because you’ll discover a place full of splendor and beauty that defies description.

The area where Butterfly Valley Beach is located is suitable not only for swimming but also for walking around in order to soak up the picturesque beauty of nature there. And you can take the boat to be your cruise, too, and not just by walking. Butterfly Valley Beach is located in a gorge surrounded by rugged cliffs and broken by trees, so you feel like you are in a tropical area with beautiful Mediterranean weather.


8- Kaş Beach

Location: KAS Beach overlooks the Mediterranean Sea.

Position on the Map: Beach

Kas Beach

KAS Beach is one of the famous Turkish beaches, which many people visit during the seasons for swimming and sunbathing. The beach is in the coastal city of KAS, which stands out for its white cottages. This place is famous for its calm waters and for its areas intended for sunbathing. You will find many boats that can take you on a fun cruise.