Things to Do with Only 2 Days in Paris

Things to Do with Only 2 Days in Paris

Can you do a sightseeing tour of Paris in just two days?

You may have the opportunity to quickly visit the city of Paris in France to do business or for tourism and exploration. It is essential to know that there is enough time to see places in Paris in 2 days because this ancient city is saturated with many beautiful sights and destinations and because it has facilitated the tourist through its facilities to reach these beautiful places.

You will find beautiful places in Paris, a lot of parks, shopping streets, museums, shops, and cafes that can make you spend the most beautiful two days of your life in the glittering tourist city located in the northern part of France.

Indeed, two days is not enough to walk around all the sights of Paris, but it is a good time to soak up a lot of the charm of this city, which is considered one of the most visited cities in the world.

Paris is an ancient city with an extraordinary urban heritage. It has a lot of beautiful neighborhoods. You will find a transportation network between the sites of its tourist attractions. But you can also carry out your program on foot. Yes, you will walk for three hours or more during your tourist day, but you will discover a lot of the beauty of this city in this way.


Some hotels where you can stay when you arrive

There are a lot of hotels in Paris. Paris hotels, with their different levels, cannot be limited in this small article. From here, we will mention a group that is diverse in its category and suitable for tourists.

1- Sofitel Le Scribe Paris Opera

Hotel location: Sofitel Le Scribe Paris Opéra

A 5-star hotel located 200 meters from the famous Opera Garnier and 500 meters from the luxury shopping places of Place Vendome

Sofitel Le Scribe Paris Opera

2- Hotel Napoleon

Hotel location: Hotel Napoleon

A 5-star hotel, just a short walk from the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysees, is 6.8 km from the Parc des Princes stadium or a 15-minute drive from there.

Hotel Napoleon

3- Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel Hotel

Hotel location: Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel

The 4-star hotel, located just a 5-minute walk from the Eiffel Tower, is 600 meters from the BIR Hakim metro station (Line 6), which provides direct connections to the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs Elysees, and the Louvre Museum.

Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel Hotel

4- Citadines Bastille Marais Paris hotel 

Hotel location: Citadines Bastille Marais Paris

A 3-star hotel located a 10-minute walk from both Place de la Bastille and Place des Vosges.

Citadines Bastille Marais Paris hotel

Are you visiting Paris in the summer or in the winter?

Visiting Paris is fun in all seasons of the year, and each season has its charm and splendor in this charming city. In winter, you are on a date with cold weather, but the city’s facilities are equipped with all heating accessories. This is in addition to the coincidence of winter and the wonderful Christmas occasion.

The weather is mild in the summer, except for some periods when the temperature rises, so you can enjoy the gardens and parks and walk around the city.

Autumn has its charm in the city of lights. The falling leaves of trees on the sides of the roads and the parks, which are yellow, orange, and brown due to the fallen leaves, give the city a tinge of picturesque, unique, and dazzling beauty.

Spring in Paris is perfect for long tours to a lot of sights. You will walk for hours without feeling hot, and you will have the most beautiful time.


What can you do in two days in Paris?

The first day: Visiting the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

You will arrive at the right hotel to stay in, take a break, and get ready for the implementation of your program in two days.
You can start your tour at ten in the morning. And your first destination will be the famous Eiffel Tower. And I tend to think that the first thing that will come to mind is this beautiful destination. You have to determine in advance how you can get there. If you choose a hotel nearby, you can reach it on foot. Otherwise, it would be best if you used the subway or taxi. Remember, to visit the Eiffel Tower, buy a ticket to its upper floors.

The Eiffel Tower will offer you a breathtaking panoramic view of Paris. You will see the city from all four sides. And you will have a marvelous and unforgettable experience.


1) Clare Street

Clare Street in Paris

After visiting the Eiffel Tower, you feel hungry, and a delicious meal with a sip of your favorite drink is a must. The distance from the Eiffel Tower area to Claire Street will be on foot. You will buy as much bread, cheese, food, and drink as you need, and then you will return to one of the parks adjacent to the tower to have your meal and take a share of relaxation. You can also dine at one of the restaurants nearby.


2) Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum

The Louvre will fill up the hours you have left on your first day. The Louvre resembles a small city with historical monuments, art, and countless antiques. Be sure to buy a ticket to get into this Place.


3) Have dinner 

The restaurants on one of the famous streets of Paris

In the evening, you can have dinner in one of the restaurants on one of the famous streets of Paris, and before that, you can take a tour of the Arc de Triomphe, enjoying the most beautiful sights of this Place.


The second day: Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral

Before heading to this cathedral, you will enjoy a delicious breakfast in one of the Parisian cafes, and then you will head to Notre Dame Cathedral, which is considered one of the most important sights in Paris. After climbing to the top section of the building, you will have a view of the picturesque sights of the city.


1) Head to the Luxembourg Gardens

Head to the Luxembourg Gardens

These gardens date back to the 16th century. It is rich in fruit and deciduous trees. You can have a quick meal or drink coffee on one of the benches in this excellent Place. In conclusion, hiking in this park is an unmissable pleasure.


2) Champs Elysees Avenue

Champs Elysees Avenue Street

After that, you will head to the famous Champs Elysees Street, where you will walk around its luxury stores, shop from the most recognized brands worldwide, get the most luxurious perfumes, and get the latest fashion in dress.

At the end of your tour, you will attend a classical music concert in one of the famous Parisian theaters and then return to the hotel to prepare for departure.