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The Most Important Cheap Markets of Medinah

The Most Important Cheap Markets of Medinah

It is a pleasure to visit the markets of Medinah on major occasions every year, especially during the holy month of Ramadan or during the Hajj season, when pilgrims visit the city of the prophet and his holy shrine. The markets in these seasons are teeming with people, goods, and the cheapest collectibles. Visitors to the city visit its markets to buy souvenirs for their loved ones or acquire many things they miss in their countries. Also, cheap goods are an essential attraction for visiting these markets, especially cheap clothes, perfumes, fabrics, spices, household items, and some types of electronics.

Many markets in the city sell cheap goods, and therefore, visiting them requires the tourist to arrange for himself a schedule so that he does not miss any of them during his stay. It should be noted that visiting these markets carries two pleasures: the pleasure of shopping and the pleasure of walking around.

Some of these markets are old and have a heritage, and walking around them regardless of shopping is a wonderful and unique pleasure in itself.


The shopping experience at the popular Medinah Souks

The most beautiful thing about the popular markets and flea markets is that when you walk around them, you feel like you are at a multidimensional festival. A lot of people are going back and forth, crowding the store doors, and gathering around some desirable goods, making you have to cross some places slowly, with a beautiful feeling that you are in the middle of this human celebration. The other dimension of the festival is the stacked goods, which come in varied and beautiful shapes and colors. At one of the shops, you find terrible shapes and colors of fabrics. In another store, you will find types of cereals and spices, and at another, you will find a lot of household items displayed outside the store door. Thus, along the corridor, you are bumping into goods and people.
The other side of the festival is the sounds coming from the market; some sellers are calling for their goods, some people are telling sellers about the price, and the voices of children are rising from some squares.
In some corners of these markets, you will find types of old restaurants and cafes, including those that sell beans and Tamis, and some that serve pastries. As for the favorite drink in cafes, it is Arabic or Turkish tea and coffee.
To sum up, what you will come across in popular markets is an experience that you cannot find in modern markets or malls.

Popular and cheap markets have a different taste, and around them you will have a terrible experience.


What are the most important cheap markets in Madinah?

– Sultana Commercial Street Stores

Address: the intersection of King Abdullah Road with Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, Medina.

Features of the market: it is considered one of the most important commercial streets in Medinah, and it contains very diverse goods. It includes very cheap goods. The place has many restaurants, cafes, and malls.

Goods that are sold in it: food goods, electronic goods, various kinds of clothing and cotton products, gifts, and perfumes.

The most famous business center in it: Dakhil Plaza.

– Quba market

Address: near the Prophet’s Haram al-Sharif to the south.

Advantages of shopping in it: it is considered the cheapest in that area, it is suitable for families, and it is close to the Quba Mosque in the city. It has places for picnics.

The goods sold in it: the finest types of dates, various types of perfumes and incense, children’s toys, honey and nuts, fashionable furnishings, leather products, clothing, jewelry, gifts, household items, and more, all at cheap prices.

The most famous commercial centers in it: Date shops.

– The Old Bazaar

Address: near the Prophet’s Haram, located between the Peace Museum and the King Salman bin Abdulaziz Hadith complex.

Advantages of shopping in it: one of the largest traditional markets; ideal for buying gifts; very close to the Prophet’s Haram.

Goods that are sold in it: the most luxurious dates, perfumes, souvenirs, religious things, Pilgrim supplies, and jewelry.

The most famous commercial centers are in it: You will find bookstores and some bakeries.

– Mall advantages

Address: King Fahd Street, 1000 meters from the Prophet’s mosque.

Advantages of shopping in it: it sells very cheap goods; you can also find many high-quality goods.

Goods that are sold in it: sportswear, men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing of various shapes and types. In addition to cosmetics, furniture, bags, clothes, and shoes.

The most famous business centers in it: Gift and accessory stores.

– Ben Dauod market

Address: near the Prophet’s Haram to the East, Medinah.

Advantages of shopping in it: suitable for families and children; you will find parking for cars; it has internal courtyards.

The goods that are sold in it: include everything you need, from clothes to electronics to household supplies to food. Also in it, you will find perfumes, children’s toys, and gifts.

The most famous commercial center in it: A large supermarket selling foodstuffs of all kinds.

– City international market

Address: Sultana Commercial Street at Abu Bakr al-Siddiq Street, Medina.

Advantages of shopping in it: convenient for families with parking, and the goods are very cheap.

Goods that are sold in it: women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing of various kinds, fabrics, watches, accessories, jewelry, electronics, cosmetics, antiques, furniture, and more.

The most famous commercial centers in it: Shops selling the needs of pilgrims and Umrah pilgrims, and a large supermarket selling food.

– Al Gharbia commercial market

Address: Railway, Medinah 42312.

Shopping features: there are restaurants, parking, public baths, and a mosque for prayer.

Goods that are sold in it: spices, perfumes, herbs, sweets, perfumes and cosmetics, household items, carpets, clothes, shoes, bags, and souvenirs.

The most famous businesses are in it: Jewelry, gold and silver shops, and spice shops.

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