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Ramadan Atmosphere at Boulevard World for 2024

Ramadan Atmosphere at Boulevard World for 2024

Boulevard World 2024 in Riyadh provides an exceptional atmosphere during the holy month of Ramadan; it organizes distinctive events and offers visitors in the cities they will visit special designs and decorations for the holy month.

Boulevard World in the month of Ramadan will be special this year, and visiting Arab and Islamic cities will have its own distinctive flavor.

The visitor will not be satisfied with the atmosphere of suspense, entertainment, and fun that he will find everywhere he goes.

Imagine that in one place you will find in your hands the whole world as a whole, with the most prominent cultural and entertainment footprints of each country. You will tour countries such as Egypt, China, Mexico, Japan, France, Spain, and others. And you will leave the place full of an integrated cultural basket about each country, all with a mix of beauty, entertainment, and excitement.


Ramadan events at Boulevard World

Boulevard World will allow you to practice many activities and do everything that is fun on the nights of the holy month of Ramadan. Some of the things you can do in this wonderful place are:

A tour of the markets

Boulevard World includes the most important markets and shops that display the latest fashion in dress as well as beautiful local products. You will also enjoy the variety that you will find in these markets because they are distributed according to the cities that have been built. You can buy whatever you want from the Levantine, Egyptian, Chinese, or Indian markets. You will also find what will surprise you in the Moroccan and Turkish markets.

Clothing is the highlight of these markets, where you will find clothes according to the traditions and culture of each country, as well as modern clothes to suit different tastes.

Shopping during Ramadan is one of the fun things that people do in the evening. The frequency of visits to the markets increases with the approach of Eid al-Fitr. Boulevard World Markets offers this option, along with other activities that will be discussed later.


Eat and drink in restaurants and cafes

Boulevard World offers distinctive options for Iftar and Suhoor on Ramadan nights, and it opens its doors to receive visitors to eat before Iftar until midnight.

Boulevard World’s restaurants are also characterized by diversity and serve the most delicious international dishes. In this place, you will taste the delicacies of Levantine cuisine. You will also eat innovative types of delicious Italian pizza.

Restaurants and meals vary according to the cities that have been built. You not only eat delicious food in these places but also get acquainted with the cultures of different countries in the presentation of meals and in the selection of mixes, spices, and dishes.


Getting around in Arab and Islamic areas

Boulevard World includes a group of Arab and Islamic areas that have been built for the visitor to enjoy walking around, learning about their cultures, buying their products, tasting their delicious dishes, and participating in their events and activities. Among the cities that visitors enjoy is the Egyptian Pavilion. Are you a fan of the ancient Egyptian civilization? You will find an Egyptian pyramid standing in front of you, and the Sphinx is standing tall, waiting for you to take the most beautiful photos next to it. The charming atmosphere in this suite is exceptional and unique.

In the Turkish Pavilion, you will enjoy the most delicious dishes, artisanal products, and local industries, and the same is also the case in the Levantine Pavilion.

Are you a fan of Moroccan heritage? In the Moroccan pavilion, you will find everything you need to enrich your culture with the heritage of this beautiful and ancient country.

A tour of the Arabic and Islamic pavilions at Boulevard World during Ramadan is an opportunity for you and your family to strengthen their connection with the heritage of these countries, which have a long and intertwined history with the Arabian Peninsula and share many basic and important things.


A great package of entertainment during Ramadan

Entertainment is the most important activity that Boulevard World offers you during the holy month of Ramadan. On the nights of this month, you need a dose of joy and relaxation, and this is what this place perfectly masters and offers you. You are on a date with a package of suites that includes: the United States, France, Italy, India, China, Spain, Japan, Mexico, Greece, and Morocco. In each suite, you will find a wide choice of entertainment and activities, including shopping and dining.

Boasting the world’s largest man-made lagoon, Boulevard World allows you to ride submarines in a unique experience that you will not easily find anywhere else. This entertainment complex also includes the largest spherical theater in the world and a cable car to get between it and Riad City Boulevard. Also, you can move between cities by boat. In this place, you will have a city of games for lovers of excitement, suitable for all age groups.



Boulevard World is a place that you will not regret visiting, especially if you are accompanied by your family and children. Your children will find fun and excitement everywhere they go. You will find your Haven in the various activities scattered in the various pavilions. You will have a distinctive shopping experience, and you will be near the most important international landmarks in the heart of the capital, Riyadh, from the pyramids of Giza to the Eiffel Tower in France.

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