Travel Guide to Istanbul in Ramadan

Travel Guide to Istanbul in Ramadan

The pulse of tourism in Istanbul does not weaken during Ramadan but increases. The city, which is full of ancient mosques and wonderful sights, receives millions of visitors during the Ramadan season.

Istanbul is considered the most active Turkish city during the month of Ramadan. Its scenic beauty makes it a terrible model for tourism during this holy month. Imagine with me how wonderful it would be to spend this month near the Sultanahmet Mosque or to look at the Hagia Sophia landmark. This is in addition to the rest of the beautiful mosques that you can find in most neighborhoods.

In addition to the above, there are the various activities that are held this month and the markets that are full of people, especially at nightfall. Restaurants and Ramadan tents that make you live unforgettable moments.

Below, we will give you a guide to traveling to Istanbul in Ramadan. Please accompany us to the end of the article.


1- Plan your trip in advance

What do you want from traveling to Istanbul? You are in the month of Ramadan, and the nature of your travel should fit into this holy month. So, book a hotel close to a mosque, and plan your tours carefully so that they fit into the spirituality of Ramadan. Do not forget about your share of shopping during the planning, and, for sure, put a visit to the banks of the Bosphorus on the list.


2- Book from almatar

almatar website will provide you with hotel and flight bookings. Visit the site, put the word “Istanbul” in the search list, specify the date of departure and return, along with the number of individuals traveling, then click on the “search” box, and you will receive many results. Compare them, check the prices, select the right flight for you, and then select the hotel you like. And don’t forget to visit the offers page on the site; some offers may be available for travelers to Istanbul.


3- Visiting religious monuments in Istanbul

You will be surprised at the number of Islamic religious monuments in Istanbul. This ancient city is full of mosques, museums, and Islamic monuments. Your Ramadan program will be full of tours every day; you will never get bored, but you will be filled with happiness and spirituality due to being in some locations.
The most prominent Islamic religious monuments in Istanbul include:

  • Sultanahmet Mosque: founded between 1609 and 1616, is located on the Bosphorus Strait. It is also called the Blue Mosque.
  • Bayezid mosque: its construction was completed in 1506, and it is the second largest mosque built after the Islamic conquest of Constantinople.
  • Mevlana Museum: it dates back to the Seljuk era, and it contains a wonderful garden full of fountains. There are many valuable antiquities inside it.
  • Rustem Pasha Mosque: built in the era of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman I, its interior and exterior geometric designs are beautiful.
  • Green mosque: founded in the period between 1413 and 1424, and famous by this name because of its decoration with green tiles.
  • Sulaymaniyah mosque: one of the magnificent architectural masterpieces that was built in the era of Sultan Suleiman I in 1557 AD.
  • Ortakoy mosque: a magnificent architectural masterpiece overlooking the Bosphorus, it was built in 1856 in the era of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Majid.

And what we have mentioned to you is only a sample; otherwise, Istanbul is replete with many sights that cannot be enumerated in our small article.


4- Participation in religious activities

A lot of Ramadan activities in Istanbul start after iftar. Taraweeh prayer is one of the sunnahs that people attend there, and you can share this beautiful experience with them in many mosques. Many of these mosques also hold religious classes and sermons in the evening. This is in addition to the religious singing concerts that many attend every day of Ramadan.
Activities and events are not limited to adults, as there are also some for children, and some bodies and associations, in cooperation with municipalities, organize them in the form of performances, plays, and various competitions.


5- Turkish restaurants and Ramadan cuisine

Ramadan is an opportunity to taste Turkish food and visit many luxury restaurants in Istanbul. Among the traditional Turkish dishes in Ramadan, we remind you of the following:

  • Yellow lentil soup, and also Izgulin soup, to which bulgur is added with lentils.
  • Ramadan bread is a type of bread that bakeries start preparing when the holy month of Ramadan arrives.
  • Turkish Shish Barak is one of the dishes prepared with yogurt, and it is also famous in Syria.
  • Turkish grills and kebabs are one of the most famous and delicious dishes served in restaurants in Istanbul.
  • Eggs with tomatoes: this delicious dish is suitable for a Suhoor.
  • Turkish meat kabsa is served with a salad plate.


6- Explore Ramadan markets

Shopping during Ramadan in Istanbul is a fun and wonderful tourist activity. And people visit the markets not only after iftar but also during the afternoon, helped by the pleasant weather that characterizes Istanbul.
There are a lot of popular markets in Istanbul, and you can’t enter one of them without coming out with a quantity of purchases. As for the malls, they are scattered in many places.


7- Walk around and enjoy the Atmosphere of Istanbul

It is as if the city of Istanbul is designed to walk around and enjoy the most beautiful sights in it. It is an ancient city; its ancient neighborhoods are magnificent, and it still preserves its architecture and beautiful heritage. Cafes fill its squares and markets. Places to sit and relax are available on both banks of the Bosphorus. Also, a tourist can get around the strait through specially designated ships and ferries.


In conclusion

The experience of staying in Istanbul during the month of Ramadan will be one of a lifetime because of the exceptional atmosphere that you will witness in this beautiful city full of history, beauty, and spirituality.