JA Ocean View Hotel: Life Gets Beautiful on the Beach

JA Ocean View on Dubai

The JA Ocean View Hotel is one of the luxury hotels within the Jebel Ali chain. It has a stunning view of the shore of the Arabian Gulf and gives you the charm of getting close to the beach as soon as possible due to the proximity between the building and the golden stretch of sands of the beautiful Jumeirah Beach.

Truth be told, nothing is more enjoyable than spending a great time by the seaside. It breathes new life into you, energizes your life, and you become more energetic and less stressed with it. The gentle sea breeze fills your lungs with freshness and your heart with tranquility and peace. This is, in short, the case for those who will overlook the beaches of Jumeirah in the Arabian Gulf through the JA Ocean View Hotel. And always, with JA Premium Hotels, one visit is not enough.

In order to learn more about the features of this hotel, we will address the following:

  1. The location of the hotel and its connection to its biosphere
  2. Hotel Rooms: Premium equipment and high-end service
  3. Restaurant and Meal Service
  4. Leisure and Recreation

1- The location of the hotel and its connection to its biosphere

Hotel location on Google Maps: JA Ocean View Hotel

JA Ocean View at JBR on Dubai

JA Ocean View Hotel is located on the famous Dubai Promenade in Jumeirah Beach, a short distance from Jumeirah Beach. Through this location, it makes shopping within your reach, and you can go to restaurants and cafes and enjoy the various entertainment facilities the place offers. This is one of the most prominent features of any hotel or resort, as it provides you with a sense of solitude to enjoy calm and recreation without being completely separated from the pulse of the city and its vital facilities, so you remain able to quickly and smoothly reach anywhere you go in a short time. With its location and design, this hotel is ideal for those traveling for business, just as it is suitable for those seeking entertainment.

For those who want to know Dubai, its restaurants, souks, beaches, and the beauty of its facilities, the JA Ocean View Hotel is suitable for them and their families. Where to spend the most beautiful times through the entertainment provided by the hotel and the possibility of enjoying entertainment options located in the vicinity of the hotel.

2- Hotel rooms: distinctive equipment and high-end service

JA Ocean View at JBR Dubai

Rooms at the JA Ocean View Hotel feature magnificent views of the Arabian Gulf and private balconies to further integrate with the stunning sea view. The 5-star hotel has 342 rooms and suites spread over 25 floors. 153 of these rooms and suites are equipped to suit large families.

There are 39 m2 sea view rooms from the 5th to the 15th floors. There are impressive sea views from some rooms on the 16th to 21st floors, which are also 39 m2. Small suites of 55 square meters with a beautiful bay view are located from the 21st to the 23rd floors. Other options exist as well.

The room service is excellent, and the treatment is elegant and considerate of the minor details to ensure the comfort of hotel guests.

3- Restaurant and meal service

JA Ocean View Hotel has 5 restaurants and bars; each restaurant offers its own color and distinctive meals befitting the reputation of luxury JA hotels, making the visitor fully satisfied and happy.

Visit Café Via for light snacks, your favorite coffee, or a delicious cup of tea. You can do it anytime because the café is open 24 hours daily.

What do you think of the delicious and perfectly baked pizza at Motorino, which offers you new options in the pizza meal from Brooklyn, New York?

Visit the “Offside Bar” for delicious snacks, cocktails, and fresh and refreshing juices that you can have by the pool throughout the day. A big screen is on it if you want to follow some exciting sports events.

Le Rivage will wait for you to serve delicious cooking prepared by the most skilled chefs. Outdoor seating options are available. It has an excellent menu, so don’t miss it.

IL Motto Deli Restaurant serves delicious Italian sandwiches—and other varieties and meals.

4- Entertainment and recreation

JA Ocean View at JBR

The JA Ocean View Hotel has prepared many facilities for leisure, recreation, and the vacation of a lifetime. You’ll find free premium Wi-Fi wherever you wander its lounges, halls, and rooms.

Relax in the large outdoor pool and head straight to the beach for a swim in the clear waters of the Gulf. And don’t worry about your children, as they can have fun, play, and swim in places suitable for their age.

A gym is available at the hotel for training and resistance training. You will find a relaxing spa, massages, and treatments that rejuvenate your body. The Jacuzzi and steam rooms are ready to greet you. The hotel also has hair salons for men and women.

You can play this fun sport in a dedicated space if you’re a tennis fan.

There are children’s pools. There is a CoolZone gaming club for ages 4 to 12. There are also shaded outdoor playgrounds for any activity they want.