In Almatar Week: Keep Your Eye on Almatar App

about Almatar week and the summer travel project 2

In this article, we invite you to a fantastic event that Almatar Company is hosting. Through it, you will see that Almatar is the king of offers and discounts, and keeping up with it will provide you with booking opportunities through its electronic platforms that you will not find elsewhere

If you want to book a hotel, Almatar deals with more than 2 million hotels around the world, offering you continuous offers throughout the year. If you want to book a flight, Almatar will provide you with a wide range of options, with the possibility of comparing them and choosing the right one for you.

Download Almatar app on your phone, where you will find it available on the Apple Store, Google Play, and App Gallery stores, and set sail with the endless offers. 


Do you dream of traveling and doing tourism around the world?

During this period, Almatar customers will receive a wide range of exclusive offers and exceptional discounts, which include the services provided by Almatar through its electronic platforms and through its other partners who contribute to Almatar’s efforts to facilitate the affairs of travelers and make their trips special and memorable.

If you are determined to travel or do tourism, and if you want a hotel reservation at affordable prices, then wait for Almatar Week campaign and look for offers that will surprise you and from which it is impossible to leave empty-handed. Almatar has decided that the passengers who want to deal with it must win and must receive prizes that satisfy and delight them.


How will Almatar Week help you achieve your dream?

We are now at the beginning of summer, and at this time most travel aspirants start looking for the right destinations and special offers to get a tourist trip to their satisfaction.

And the terrible offers start now, when you can take the opportunity to have the summer vacation of a lifetime. You may be able to get more than one tourist trip if you can match the offers offered to you from Almatar with your time and budget.

Almatar’s special campaign for this summer will be from May 23 to 31 of the same month. And the offers during this period will be unprecedented, so be ready to receive them. 

And don’t forget to make Almatar application your constant companion on your phone; through it, you can see everything new, and it will keep you up to date with offers.


Almatar week and the summer travel project

From the beginning of its establishment, Almatar seeks to satisfy everyone who deals with it through the generous offers it offers every period, especially in the major seasons, especially the summer season. Nothing will stand in the way of you traveling and entertaining yourself in the most beautiful tourist destinations around the world.

Constant offers and payment facilities all mean one thing: a comfortable and wonderful travel experience with savings in your wallet.


Activate notifications and wait for what pleases you!

A lot of offers and surprises await you at Almatar this week; discounts on bookings and non-bookings will be awesome, and you can accumulate a lot of points in your wallet when you visit the electronic application. 

Download Almatar app on your phone, open your e-account on it, and activate the notification feature in order not to miss any opportunity for any offer during this terrible week. But this does not mean that Almatar offers will stop after that, which is why you can always keep an eye out for offers and surprises throughout the year. 

But Almatar Week, from May 23 to 30, will witness extraordinary surprises. Almatar has decided that its customers should win, be happy, and not leave this campaign without prizes and gifts. This will not be done without keeping up with the details of this campaign via the phone application.


Your brand will soar with Almatar

Travelers and hotel booking seekers not only benefit from Almatar campaign between May 23rd and 30th, but Almatar is also an awesome promotional launching pad for a lot of brands. And any aspirant who wants to support his brand can be one of Almatar’s partners on this path. The strong digital presence of Almatar through various marketing means will also lead to the appearance of the brands of Almatar’s partners during the said campaign. Just note the following anecdotes about the power of Almatar in the world of digital and electronic appearance:

  • It has more than 550 million impressions, which means that any brand will be part of this impression during the monitored campaign.
  • It has more than 2.5 million clicks, which means high user interest and interaction with content.
  • It has more than 4.7 million visitors.
  • Almatar benefits from marketing efforts through various media channels.


Almatar week and special surprises

Through the above, the amazing benefits of Almatar Week will benefit all Almatar customers, whether they are travelers and booking requests of all kinds, or they are partners who want to raise their brand equity by taking advantage of Almatar’s capabilities in the world of advertising and marketing.

Passengers and booking requesters will receive exclusive contributions such as vouchers and rebates. Many services will be available to them. They will also get offers for special products through some sites that want to promote their brands.

As for Almatar’s brand partners, they will get great interaction on their products, and the campaign will create such an impact for them that they will gradually feel the impact.


Presence of Almatar on all media and electronic platforms

During Almatar week, Almatar will find a strong and effective presence on all media platforms, and this falls within Almatar’s strategy to maximize its vision and its major goals. This strategy will ensure the spotlight on partners through those platforms that will be attended.

Almatar will have a presence through television ads and at peak times, and will have an intensive and thoughtful presence through the main social networking sites, namely platforms X, Instagram, and Facebook, with all the tools, means, and attractive content that the campaign needs. 

This week, Almatar will also have a presence on the radio, on important podcasts, and through e-mail campaigns that will be sent to its extensive subscriber list.



Almatar Week will be a big celebration held by Almatar, and its title will be profit and benefit for all customers and partners. It is an opportunity for many young people who want to realize their dream of traveling to a tourist destination, and it is also an opportunity for partners to increase their presence and influence among a very large segment of people.

Almatar week is coming, so be anticipating it and don’t miss the opportunity. Your gateway to profit is Almatar e-application; download it to your phone.