6 Tips If You Want to Visit Bali, Indonesia

6 Tips If You Want to Visit Bali Indonesia

Indonesia has more than 18 thousand islands, of which more than 900 are inhabited. Bali is one of the most famous islands in this large archipelago. Located on the southern coast, it is famous for tourism due to its outstanding beauty and charming terrain. It is a destination for tourists from all over the world due to the fact that it has picturesque beaches, large resorts, hotels, and restaurants to suit all nationalities, and you can find the best places to visit in Bali.


Is the island of Bali suitable for Arab tourists?

Bali has a variety of facilities, hotels, and restaurants, making it suitable for various tourists around the world. It is a beautiful island surrounded by magnificent coasts, in the center of which are green expanses, Highlands, and charming nature. Its areas are connected by a large transport network that facilitates the process of moving between its parts. 

Arab tourists can find suitable hotels for them in the areas overlooking the southern coasts of the island. A large number of restaurants serving Arabic food are also located within walking distance of these hotels. Therefore, those who want to avoid eating local food and those who want to stay in places close to these restaurants should just head to the hotels that we have indicated. 


The most important tips if you want to visit the island of Bali

  1. What is the best time to visit Bali?
  2. How to make a stay on the island of Bali safe
  3. How to make your visit to Bali suitable for your financial portfolio
  4. How to get around the island of Bali
  5. What food is right for you on the island of Bali?
  6. What are the best activities in Bali?


1-  What is the best time to visit Bali?

If we note the weather element, if you do not like to travel during the rainy season, the months from April to September are the dry months in Bali. As for the rainy season, it is from October to March. But nevertheless, the rains on the island of Bali during the rainy season are not as violent as in the rest of the tropics around the world.

And if we note the element of congestion, the island of Bali is experiencing a congestion of tourists during July and August, during the Christmas holidays, as well as Easter. If you don’t like congestion, you can travel outside of these seasons. 


2- How to make a stay on the island of Bali safe

Traveling to Bali is generally safe, but it is better to take some precautions because in most of the countries to which the tourist is going, he may experience some accidents. These precautions are:

  • Take caution when walking down the street, and pay attention to the place where you put your sensitive and important items, such as your phone, wallet, and bank cards, preferably placed in an airtight bag and tied well to your body.
  • Rely on banks and ATMs in the process of withdrawing or transferring funds.
  • Maintain body hygiene, eat from reliable and clean places, wash hands before eating, and drink water from sealed containers.
  • Lock the door of your hotel room, especially when you leave and when you go to sleep.
  • Be careful of being robbed during your bus commute.
  • Be careful of the monkeys that are in some places on the island. 


3- How to make your visit to Bali suitable for your financial portfolio

Tourism in Bali is inexpensive, and with some measures, you can reduce your financial expenses. The first of these procedures is to book at a hotel suitable for you, and you can do a lengthy comparison between the prices of hotels and the services offered there before you decide on your order. 

There are also many restaurants in Bali that offer food at not-too-high prices. And even expensive restaurants, whose prices are considered appropriate if compared with any restaurant in another country. 

Also, you can choose the mode of transport that is convenient for you. The transport options are diverse, and some of them are cheap and permanently available.

And don’t forget to book early so that you can get low ticket prices, especially if your travel is not at the peak of activity and peak and at non-event times.


4- How to Get Around the Island of Bali

The area of the island exceeds 5700 square kilometers. This means that there are large distances between different parts of the island, such as between its coasts and some of its inland resorts, or between some hotels and restaurants.
In Bali, you can use the following methods of transportation:

  • By renting a car or motorcycle.
  • Through an Uber-like delivery service.
  • Through buses of all kinds.
  • By participating in daily excursions organized by some tourist companies.
  • By hiring a private driver.


5- What is the right food for you on the island of Bali?

On the island of Bali, you will find food that is suitable for you both in price and in quality. Bali is full of various restaurants, and there will be limited restaurants serving Arabic, European, Latin, Chinese, and Indian food in addition to local food. But here’s a tip: if you are not used to local food or to other types of restaurants, do not overdo it by eating at their restaurants so as not to be affected healthily by this, and head to the food options that you are used to and are available in abundance.

There are restaurants in Bali that offer cheap or budget-friendly food; you just need to indicate their location and make sure that they are not far from your place of residence.


6- What are the best activities in Bali?

Because Bali is a tourist island, it has made sure to provide many activities for tourists and visitors. It is an island rich in natural places worth visiting, where you will find waterfalls, beaches, the Highlands, and greenery. The island also has many temples, palaces, and various galleries. 

Resorts on the island of Bali offer tourists many services. And on the shores of the sea, you will find wide options for entertainment and enjoyment.