7 Places You Must Visit in Portugal

7 Places You Must Visit in Portugal

There are many wonderful places to go in Portugal. This country is characterized by a distinctive geographical location, a mild climate, a rich history, and an exceptional tourist heritage with a world ranking in this field, which makes it one of the most important destinations for tourists around the world.

And because Portugal has a distinctive tourist classification globally, you will find a distinctive tourist infrastructure there as well, providing tourists with comfort, luxury, pleasure, and a variety of options. And a lot of Portuguese cities carry this advantage in their tourist infrastructure. This means that in the cities of Portugal, you will find luxurious and distinctive hotels, restaurants with the best meals, various entertainment facilities, and well-equipped and beautiful beaches.

Below, we will give you 7 places to go in Portugal:

  1. Minho province
  2. The city of Port
  3. The city of Aveiro
  4. Tomar
  5. Obidos
  6. Coimbra
  7. Lisbon

1- Minho province 

This province is located in the far northwest of Portugal. This region is considered one of the mildest geographical spots in the world, with high humidity due to its proximity to the Atlantic Coast. Minho province is characterized by magnificent green spaces, small rural farms, and a beautiful rural urban character, and these spaces are distributed among hills and plateaus bisected by some rivers and lakes. Most of these rural areas are concentrated in the center of the province. 

In some cities in Minho Province, you will find many archaeological sites and ancient castles, some of which date back to the 10th century AD. 

This province also has many parks, and the forests in it are equipped to be a convenient place for hiking and tourism. As for the coasts in Minho, they are among the most beautiful in the northern regions of Portugal. 


2- Porto City 

Porto is considered the second-most important city in Portugal. It is worth a visit, and you should not miss enjoying its wonderful location and rich heritage. The city of Porto is full of Baroque and Gothic architecture, which makes it a real pleasure to stay in it and walk around its neighborhoods. Also in this city, you will find many performances in art, culture, and theater. The nightlife in this city is full, as its restaurants, cafes, shops, and markets are filled with visitors, tourists, and seekers of luxury and beauty in this ancient city.

The city of Porto also has the most beautiful resorts on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, and along its coasts there are many hotels, restaurants, cafes, and places for strolling, walking, and recreation.


3- The city of Aveiro

Do you want to walk around a city that resembles Venice in its sights and canals? The city of Aveiro fulfills this desire for you.

This picturesque city overlooks a beautiful lake, through which a large network of aqueducts passes, giving you the opportunity to wander around it through water boats. 

The scenery of the buildings overlooking the water channels is very special; they are colored in various kinds of bright colors, as if you are in front of a wonderful rainbow of various buildings. Watercraft also have the same feature.

Aveiro is an exciting and beautiful city that is worth a visit and is full of great hotels, restaurants, and cafes.


4- Tomar

In the city of Tomar, there is a view of a beautiful river, and there is a wonderful historical estate where you will find an old castle dating back to the 12th century.

In the city of Tomar, there are various squares, some of which are in the center of the city, and some of which overlook old buildings with terrible designs. And walking around this city is an opportunity for any tourist to inhale the fragrance of this ancient city. 

The river in the city of Tomar stretches to form, in some places, vast bodies of water, surrounded by picturesque green spaces.

Walking and strolling through these places is an unmissable pleasure.


5- Obidos

Obidos is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal. It is located on a high hill, overlooks its surroundings, and overlooks magnificent green spaces from all sides. 

And the city of Obidos is the city of wandering par excellence. Its roads are narrow, and there are curves between buildings and houses. You will have to walk along roads that gradually take you to higher curves, and then when you turn around from another place in the city, you will find yourself walking down to the lower parts of the city. 

The architecture of the city resembles the architecture of the Middle Ages; its streets are paved with stones, its buildings have white walls, are topped with tiles, and are surrounded by trees.


6- Coimbra

The city of Coimbra rises gradually to highlight the city’s architecture on a high point of a hill overlooking one of the most beautiful rivers in Portugal. 

This city, located in the center of Portugal, is a great place to spend a few days while walking around. The city of Coimbra is a city of historical importance, as it was considered the central city of Portugal during the Middle Ages. 

This is what makes the architecture of the city beautiful and ideal for those who want to walk around it. The streets are paved with ancient stone, and the streets are narrow, with cafes, restaurants, and heritage houses stretching on some of their sides, which makes this city very lively and qualified to be an important tourist city. 


7- Lisbon

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and the most important city in it in modern times. It has the most important transport network with modern infrastructure. It also houses the most important hotels, beaches, restaurants, and resorts.

The city of Lisbon is considered the city that was able to combine history and modernity; despite its modern architecture and beautiful modern design, it has also preserved its ancient, charming, and attractive heritage.