How to Obtain a Tourist Visa for Saudi Arabia

tourist visa to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a well-deserved tourist country.

In short, this is Saudi Arabia’s serious approach, which it has been working on for many years, implementing major projects for it, and taking great steps to achieve the vision related to it. Therefore, Saudi Arabia, a rising tourist country and an entrant to the field of competition in the tourism field, will find it takes into account all the requirements of visiting its territory, and visitors will enjoy a warm welcome and a wonderful reception from the time of arrival at the airport to the time of departure.
The work on achieving Vision 2030 is being carried out with great vigor in Saudi Arabia. One of the aspirations of this unique vision is related to the tourism sector. Therefore, Saudi Arabia has increased the contribution of the tourism sector to the GDP by more than 10%. Saudi Arabia is also working to create about one million jobs in this sector. This is in addition to aiming to attract one million annual visits by 2030.
It is very important for those who intend to visit Saudi Arabia to determine the nature of their visit. Each type has its own visiting transactions and controls. The various visas include: transit visa, personal visit visa, treatment visa, Umrah visa, business visit visa, residence visa, business visit visa, and finally tourist visa.
From here, in this article, we will talk specifically about the tourist visa and how to collect it before visiting the territory of Saudi Arabia.


Saudi Arabia, the land of hospitality and generosity, welcomes its dear visitors.

Saudi Arabia, the land of hospitality and generosity, welcomes its dear visitors.

With the launch of its new tourist visa, Saudi Arabia invites international visitors from 57 countries to enjoy a unique travel experience in its territory. It is an invitation to explore Great Saudi Arabia with its geographical diversity and wonderful natural attractions. This country contains green mountains, high mountains, and long and diverse beaches distributed over more than one sea. It contains a charming desert with wildlife and terrible inhabitants.
Dear visitors, you are also on a date to visit the land of history, heritage, and culture. Saudi Arabia is the cradle of Islam, and the Kaaba and the Prophet’s mosque are located in two cities that are the most important for Muslims in the whole world: Mecca and Madina. Saudi Arabia is full of cities that contain ancient monuments and historical neighborhoods, as in Diriyah, Jeddah, and others.
In Saudi Arabia, the people are generous and hospitable, welcoming their visitors and providing them with all amenities and luxury. During your visit, you will learn about their customs, culture, good manners, and generosity.


How to get a tourist visa to Saudi Arabia

In 2019, Saudi Arabia opened its doors to visitors and tourists from all over the world by introducing an entry visa valid for a full year. This visa gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable travel experience in its territory.
Whoever wants to obtain a tourist visa should take into account the following:

How to get a tourist visa to Saudi Arabia

For tourists from eligible countries to visit Saudi Arabia:
The application is done via the website before traveling by clicking on the visa application link. Upon arrival in Saudi Arabia, they can also apply for a visa through the visa-issuing outlets in the passport zone if one of the following conditions applies to them:
1- The tourist was from one of the eligible countries to apply for a tourist visa.
2- The tourist was a visa holder from the United States, the United Kingdom, or one of the countries of the Schengen Agreement.

The following requirements must apply:
– The visa is valid.
– The visa must be tourist or commercial.
– The visa must be used at least once and bear the stamp of the issuing country.
– Holders of permanent residence from the USA, UK, or one of the EU countries after confirming the existence of residence. This includes relatives of the first-class visa holder coming with them.

For tourists from non-eligible countries:
Please go to the Saudi representation abroad for a visa.


After the above, it is important to emphasize the following:

The traveler should check the status of his country among the eligible countries to visit Saudi Arabia with a tourist visa in order to know the correct way to submit a visit request. You can check the list of eligible nationalities on the official website of the Saudi Embassy in your country.
If your nationality is among the eligible nationalities, you must submit your tourist visa application online. You fill out the form listed on the website and attach the required documents. Then, pay the required fees for the visa via the means available on the site. After that, you just have to follow the status of your application via the website to find out when it was approved.
Then, after getting approval, keep the travel notice, print it, and keep it with your passport. You will need to show it when you arrive at the airport in Saudi Arabia.
As for non-eligible nationalities, an application should be obtained from within Saudi Arabia through a citizen or resident, and then the visitor proceeds to obtain a tourist visa in his country through a transaction office that executes it for him through the representation of the country to which the visitor belongs.
Finally, when you arrive in Saudi Arabia, be sure to comply with all local laws and instructions for a tourist visa.


What are the visa requirements?

What are the visa requirements?

1- a passport valid for at least 6 months, taking into account the bilateral agreements concluded between Saudi Arabia and other countries on the validity of the passport (e.g., citizens of the United States of America).
2- The age of the tourist should not be less than 18 years unless he is accompanied by a guardian.
3- For a visa through Saudi Arabia’s representations abroad, please contact the nearest embassy or consulate in Saudi Arabia for information on any additional requirements or documents.



Embark on an extraordinary adventure to Saudi Arabia and enjoy every moment of this unique destination. Saudi Arabia is moving at a steady and firm pace towards achieving its pioneering vision in 2030, so don’t miss the opportunity to see Saudi Arabia as a country that is rising strongly in the tourism field. Start your trip to Saudi Arabia today and enjoy an unforgettable travel experience.