Hong Kong: An Oasis for Fans of Global Cuisine and Dining

Hong Kong An Oasis for Fans of Global Cuisine and Dining

In addition to being a small and densely populated city, Hong Kong is a hub of cultures, industries, and major corporations. It is also one of the most important places to host the best and most diverse restaurants in the world. In Hong Kong, you will find everything imaginable, from Eastern to Western cuisines, in addition to the city’s distinction in popular dishes. If you come from any Islamic country to Hong Kong, don’t worry, as there are restaurants that offer halal food and legitimate meats.

In short, Hong Kong is an oasis that features a wonderful blend of traditional and non-traditional cuisines, offering a variety of global flavors alongside a great diversity of popular and delicious street foods. This is a place where all cultures merge, even in matters related to food and meals. Moreover, it can also innovate in new, creative, and delicious ways.

Join us on this exciting journey to explore some types of restaurants in Hong Kong:

  1. Man Wah 
  2. Tin Lung Heen 
  3. One Harbour Road 
  4. Kushiro
  5. Chotto Maki 
  6. Amalfitana Central
  7. Burger Joys 
  8. CHAAT 


1- Man Wah 

Cuisine: Chinese

Location: Man Wah

Man Wah

Man Wah is a gourmet Chinese restaurant awarded a Michelin star. Situated on the 25th floor, it offers breathtaking panoramic views overlooking Victoria Harbor and the sparkling Hong Kong skyline in the evening. The restaurant serves exquisite regional cuisine in addition to delicious Chinese fare.


2- Tin Lung Heen 

Cuisine: Chinese

Location: Tin Lung Heen

Tin Lung Heen

Tin Lung Heen, located within the Ritz-Carlton hotel, is a two-Michelin-starred restaurant. It offers the finest in Chinese luxury cuisine and traditional dim sum, paired with distinguished tea varieties. The restaurant provides private rooms for special occasions, allowing guests to indulge in a tasting menu comprising six dishes.


3- One Harbour Road 

Cuisine: Asian

Location: One Harbour Road at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

One Harbour Road

Situated in the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, One Harbour Road is a Michelin-starred restaurant with beautiful decor and a stunning view of Hong Kong’s cityscape. The restaurant offers diverse Asian cuisine options, primarily focusing on various Asian dishes alongside local, Chinese, and vegetarian food.


4- Kushiro

Cuisine: Japanese

Location: Kushiro


Kushiro innovates with inventive approaches while upholding culinary traditions under the direction of seasoned Japanese chefs who have received a Michelin star. The restaurant selects fresh ingredients from Japanese fish markets and delivers them to Hong Kong on the same day.


5- Chotto Maki 

Cuisine: Japanese

Location: Chotto Maki

Chotto Maki

If you want to experience sushi pizza, Chotto Maki is the restaurant that introduced this dish to Hong Kong. Known for offering delicious Japanese popular dishes, it also distinguishes itself by presenting compact dishes from two cuisines.


6- Amalfitana Central

Cuisine: Italian

Location: Amalfitana Central

Amalfitana Central

Amalfitana Central serves Italian brick-oven pizza in the heart of the city. The pizza is made with a long, light dough and topped with a variety of Italian additions. The restaurant also offers seasonal small dishes and refreshing desserts. The bar features drinks inspired by Southern Italy.


7- Burger Joys 

Cuisine: American

Location: Burger Joys

Burger Joys

Opened in 2015, Burger Joys, located in a vibrant area, brings the gourmet burger flavors of Los Angeles to food enthusiasts in Hong Kong. The food is excellent, and the atmosphere is carefree, making it suitable for gatherings with friends or family.



Cuisine: Indian

Location: CHAAT


Indian food enthusiasts will find delight in Chaat’s fresh take on classic Indian cuisine, featuring rich and varied flavors. The restaurant’s location is splendid, with a beautiful view, warm seating, and a menu of the finest and most delicious dishes crafted by skilled chefs.