The Best 5-Star Hotels in Hong Kong

The Best 5 Star Hotels in Hong Kong

Do not underestimate Hong Kong’s hotel capabilities compared to prestigious global destinations in this field. This region, embracing diverse cultures and hosting numerous companies, stands out by welcoming guests with warmth. Hong Kong is among the world’s most welcoming cities, annually receiving tens of millions of visitors for tourism, trade, and business. Whether for tourism, business, or trade, Hong Kong attracts millions of visitors each year.

In this small area overlooking the South China Sea, you’ll find the beauty of nature, stunning coastlines, towering skyscrapers, global corporations, vibrant markets, diverse restaurants, and some of the most beautiful and exquisite hotels ever.

In this article, we will introduce one of five luxurious 5-star hotels, highlighting their features and guest reviews. The five hotels are:

  1. The Upper House
  2. New World Millennium Hong Kong
  3. The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong
  4. Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong
  5. Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

1- The Upper House

Hotel Location: The Upper House

The Upper House

Hotel Features:
  • A luxurious hotel offering all the services you need.
  • A fitness center is available.
  • On-site restaurant.
  • Proximity to the city center.
  • Only 25 km from Hong Kong Airport.


Nearby Attractions:
  • Victoria Harbour
  • Hong Kong Park
  • Ocean Park
  • Golden Bauhinia Square


Nearby Restaurants:
  • La Vache! Pacific Place
  • Restaurant Petrus
  • Morty’s
  • Salisterra


Guest Reviews:
  • One of the best downtown hotels ever.
  • This hotel is amazing! Very close to everything, and the hotel staff is extremely friendly.
  • They have interesting dining options and quiet and comfortable rooms with fantastic views.

2- New World Millennium Hong Kong

Hotel Location: New World Millennium Hong Kong Hotel

New World Millennium Hong Kong

Hotel Features:
  • Ideal place for relaxation and comfort.
  • Proximity to attractions.
  • All necessary services are available.
  • Stunning views of the Hong Kong skyline and the sea.


Nearby Attractions:
  • Wonderful Victoria Harbour
  • Kowloon Park
  • Ocean Park
  • Hong Kong Space Museum


Nearby Restaurants:
  • Pici
  • Namo Avant Thai Restaurant
  • Matsu Japanese Restaurant and Bar
  • BluHouse


Guest Reviews:
  • The hotel is very nice and clean, making our stay enjoyable.
  • Great location, friendly and very helpful people, and excellent rooms.
  • Fantastic views from all facilities, large, well-designed rooms, and excellent maintenance.

3- The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

Hotel Location: The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong 

The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong

Hotel Features:
  • Highly suitable for families.
  • Guests can enjoy a rooftop swimming pool and breakfast.
  • Close to famous Hong Kong landmarks.
  • Diverse views of the city, sea, and mountains.


Nearby Attractions:
  • IFC Mall
  • Sky100 Hong Kong
  • Kowloon Park
  • Hong Kong Space Museum


Nearby Restaurants:
  • Tsukanto
  • Yu Joy Chinese Restaurant
  • Casa Di Thali
  • Prince Restaurant


Guest Reviews:
  • Breathtaking views from the 117th floor overlooking Victoria Harbour.
  • The staff is amazing, always welcoming you in the lobby.
  • The best Ritz-Carlton hotel in the Asia-Pacific region.

4- Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong

Hotel Location: Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong 

Island Shangri La Hong Kong

Hotel Features:
  • Fitness Center with a Gym.
  • Free high-speed internet.
  • Family-friendly.
  • Swimming pool and bar adjacent to the pool.


Nearby Attractions:
  • Hong Kong Park
  • Edward Youde Aviary
  • Pacific Place Shopping Center
  • Hollywood Mural


Nearby Restaurants:
  • Salisterra
  • Popinjays
  • The Tai Pan


Guest Reviews:
  • Shangri-La is my choice for excellent food, room quality, comfort, and service.
  • The spa and gym facilities were excellent, clean, and advanced, and I loved the interior design.
  • I will come back again; I had a great time and excellent service.
  • Excellent service and a great breakfast with a wide range of Western and Chinese foods.

5- Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

Hotel Location: Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

Hotel Features:
  • luxurious atmosphere with many amenities.
  • Stunning views of the sea and Hong Kong’s skyscrapers.
  • Fitness center with a gym.
  • Swimming pool and breakfast for relaxation after a busy day.


Nearby Attractions:
  • Victoria Harbour
  • The iconic Hong Kong Observation Wheel
  • Hong Kong Park
  • Golden Bauhinia Square


Nearby Restaurants:
  • Zipzip
  • Ichu
  • Saffron


Guest Reviews:
  • Our experience was excellent; all the services provided were easy and convenient.
  • The hotel’s location is excellent, situated in a vibrant shopping area with numerous commercial complexes.
  • The pool and spa facilities, gym, location, staff, and excellent views make this place outstanding.
  • Warmly welcomed by guest relations; all staff, especially housekeeping, are well-trained and friendly.