6 Places You Must Visit in Portugal

6 Places You Must Visit in Portugal

Portugal is located in the southwest of the European continent, with a coastal strip on the Atlantic that exceeds 1790 kilometers. It is located on the South Atlantic coast, overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar, which is the gateway to the Mediterranean Sea from the ocean side.

Speaking of places to go in Portugal, do not be surprised if you know that Portugal is a developed country in terms of tourism. Tourism is an important part of its annual income. It is even considered one of the most important European countries for tourists, with many awards from world tourism organizations.

Because Portugal has a long coastline, diverse natural terrain, and islands in the Atlantic Ocean, it has many attractions.
Below, we will present you with the top 6 tourist places in Portugal that you should put on your list when visiting this beautiful country.

  1. Belem Tower
  2. Marinha Beach
  3. Ribeira Pier 
  4. Obidos Castle
  5. Cabo Giro
  6. University of Coimbra

1- Belem Tower

Belem Tower

Also known as the St. Vincent Tower, this tower is located on an island in the Tagus River in Lisbon. Belem Tower is an ancient tower, dating back to 1515. The reason for the construction of this tower at that time was for defensive reasons and to be an advanced landmark on the Atlantic side to receive and welcome visitors.

The Belem Tower consists of four floors, which are hermetically and exquisitely built of solid stone. And you will find a bridge connecting this tower with the opposite bank on the seashore. The location of the Belem Tower is wonderful and quiet. It is suitable for wandering and contemplating the sunset on the horizon of the Atlantic Ocean.

You will find many cafes next to the Belem Tower, such as Starbucks, Cafe do Forte, Cafe Imperio Restelo, and other cafes.
Next to this tower there are many parks, including the park that is an extension of the tower site itself, which is the Belem Tower Park.
One of the distinctive hotels next to this beautiful tourist attraction is the Altis Belem hotel and spa, a 5-star luxury hotel.


2- Marinha Beach

Marinha Beach

A sandy beach with picturesque rock layers will surprise you when you arrive at Marinha Beach in Portugal. Some of these large rock formations you will find in the middle of the beach waters are within walking distance of the sandy beach.
This place is located in the Algarve region (Algarve) on the Atlantic coast. It is a small bay that is ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

To the west of this beach, you will find many restaurants, including Jardim do Farol restaurant, ALGARVE 2000, O Stop restaurant, and other restaurants and cafes.


3- Ribeira Pier

Ribeira Pier

When you arrive at the Ribeira pier, you will find a river on the banks of which historical and ancient buildings are erected within a wonderful artistic scene in which several colors mix in one building, making your eyes never tire of looking at this wonderful urban painting.

The place is teeming with restaurants, cafes, hotels, and markets. And you can stay in one of the hotels on this spot and enjoy the most beautiful holiday on the banks of the Douro River.

And if you want a special time to stay in this place, you can travel on holidays, where popular celebrations are held.
Some of the featured restaurants next to the Ribeira Pier are: Terra Nova restaurant, Ribeira Square restaurant, Mercearia restaurant, and many others.

One of the luxury hotels next to this pier is the Pestana Vintage Porto Hotel, which is a five-star hotel.


4- Obidos Castle

Obidos Castle

The castle of Obidos is a large and majestic fortress located on an honorable hill in Obidos. The history of this terrible construction dates back to the 8th century.

There are many hotels located next to the castle, and some of these hotels overlook the magnificent castle scenery.
There are a number of restaurants close to the castle of Obidos, such as Petrarum Domus, O Melro, Taberna O Lidador, and others. 


5- Cabo Giro

Cabo Giro

Cabo Gerao, on a Portuguese island located in the Atlantic Ocean, is located on its southern coast. Cabo Gerao is a site located at an altitude of 570 meters on a sea cliff overlooking a picturesque and magnificent seascape.
And in the same place, you will find a platform with a glass floor that gives an exciting viewing experience mixed with horror and suspense.


6- University of Coimbra

University of Coimbra

 The University of Coimbra was founded in 1290, making it one of the oldest universities in Europe. It is one of the largest universities in Portugal, and more than 20 thousand students continue their studies there.

This university is considered an architectural masterpiece, and going to it and walking around it will impress you. Especially since it includes a wonderful, unique, and charming botanical garden. And visiting this park is as convenient for families as it is for individuals.

Many restaurants are located near the site of this university, including Rasganço Food & Drinks, Tasca das Tias camellas, Justiça e Paz, and others.