7 Tips If You Want to Visit Bali, Indonesia

7 Tips If You Want to Visit Bali Indonesia 2

Are you planning to travel to the island of Bali? What are the best things to do in Bali? Here are some tips if you want to tour this amazing place

The best thing you can do in Bali is discover the magic of this very beautiful and picturesque island. This place will amaze the tourist in every detail, especially the nature.

The island, which is located in the south of the Indonesian archipelago, is filled with dense vegetation so that the dirt and stones of the land are almost invisible due to the abundance of trees and various tropical plants. The island is surrounded by sandy coasts, bounded by dark green highlands. 


Is Bali well prepared?

The authorities that have managed this island for decades have been forming a tourist infrastructure that fits in with the wonderful nature there and takes advantage of its features. The island is connected by a transportation network that connects all its parties and connects these parties to the center. Resorts fill the island, and you will find hotels and cafes wherever you go. All these attributes are combined with the availability of favorable and competitive prices for tourists at various facilities and destinations.


What are the basic tips you need if you want to visit Bali?

  1. Organize a schedule for the route of your trip to Bali
  2. Respect the traditions and culture of the local community in Bali
  3. What should I wear in Bali?
  4. Things to do in Bali
  5. Be wary of thieves
  6. Know the health guidelines
  7. Get to know the wildlife of Bali


1- Organize a schedule for the route of your trip to Bali

Bali is full of interesting things, and it is not a small island, so you can wander around it in a short time. For this, you need a tourist program and a plan drawn up before you head there. This means that it is important to make your choices and get to know the most important destinations and activities that can be done on this bustling island. 

Book a convenient hotel close to the places where your activities will be concentrated on the island. Pay attention to the restaurants where you want to eat, and make sure that the distance between them and the hotel is short. Book an air ticket or a hotel room through Almatar website, where they will provide you with the best offers.


2- Respect the traditions and culture of the local community in Bali

Bali is a Hindu island, and the percentage of Hindus on it is the largest, with Indonesians of the Muslim community also present.

Bali has many Hindu temples, and some of these temples are considered a tourist destination due to being a beautiful tourist attraction and being located in picturesque places amidst nature.

Hindus practice some rituals at certain times during the year, and some of these rituals impose themselves on the atmosphere of the whole island.
Therefore, it is important to have a general idea of the culture of the Hindus and the things that you have to consider when you are in some of their temples. For example, you should wear appropriate clothes when you are on an excursion to one of these temples. 

Another example is that Hindus have many celebrations during the year, and it is important that you do not do any practices that might indicate that you do not respect their ceremonial and religious rituals.


3- What should I wear in Bali?

The weather on the island of Bali is moderately hot and humid, and this is the case on the whole day of the year. This means that you need light clothes, cotton T-shirts, and comfortable shorts that fit this atmosphere.

And since the most important destinations in Bali are beaches, it is also important that you provide swimwear and everything related to it.

You may visit some Hindu temples during your tours, which means that you need clothes that cover your legs and shoulders to take into account the rituals performed by Hindus there.


4- Things to do in Bali

Bali is an island rich in fun and beautiful tourist activities, and it is an ideal destination for relaxation and exciting adventures. In Bali, you can go to the wonderful beaches and the amazing waterfalls, and you can walk in the forests and for long distances. You can also have fun while wandering through the rice fields or visiting the temples located in the middle of the green nature.

In Bali, you can do many activities, such as yoga, shopping, surfing, snorkeling, diving, etc.


5- Be wary of thieves

We do not mean from this address that the island of Bali has thieves, while other tourist destinations do not have this problem.

Thieves exist in all countries, and any tourist should be wary of them, even if the incidents caused by them are few. 

Therefore, it is very important when you are in crowded places to wear a backpack that is fastened on your front side. And make sure that the pockets of the bag are well sealed. And pay attention to your phone while walking down a busy street; it is possible that a thief will snatch it from your hands suddenly and at a glance. Also, do not put any valuables in your trouser pockets; thieves are adept at sneaking through the crowd to these open places.

Pay attention to your valuables that are in the hotel room. Place them in safe and inaccessible places; do not rely on the open safes that are usually available in these rooms.


6- Know the health guidelines

There are some health guidelines that you should follow when traveling to Bali. The most important of these are:

  • Do not drink water from public places or from any place that is unsafe to pollute, and rely on drinking water from sealed plastic bottles.
  • Do not eat from the street or from popular restaurants that do not ensure the availability of hygiene, and make sure the quality of the food you eat is good, as some local cuisines may not be suitable for your body.
  • Buy sunscreen for your skin. The sun on the island of Bali is sharp, and you need to use this sunscreen when you are on the beach or when you walk around during the day for long periods of time. 
  • Buy mosquito protectors at the pharmacy. As Bali is a tropical island, you will suffer a lot from mosquitoes, especially when you go to sleep.
  • Provide the medicines you need before traveling to Bali, as a suitable alternative may not be available in its pharmacies.


7- Get to know the wildlife of Bali

Bali has a rich wildlife; it is overgrown with trees, and its noisy nature harbors many animals. But the most important animals are monkeys. And you’re going to be up against it in a lot of the places you’re going to be. And the monkeys there are characterized by banditry. Be careful not to snatch your phone or anything valuable from your hands.