8 Places You Must Visit in Portugal

8 Places You Must Visit in Portugal

Portugal is located in the southwest of the European continent, bordered by Spain to the north and east, while its beaches to the south and west stretch over the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Due to its location and geography, Portugal is characterized by mild weather, which tends to heat up in some summer weeks, which makes visiting beaches and summer resorts ideal and terrible.

Portugal, like many European countries, has a rich and eventful history and monuments. For this reason, you will find many historical monuments, such as castles and ancient buildings, in many of its cities. 


Portugal tourist places

You have the right to ask this question; you came here to check if you can go on a tourist tour to Portugal, although other countries not far from it in Europe are more famous in the tourism field, such as France, for example, or Switzerland. 

But you will be surprised when I tell you that Portugal has a high and distinguished rating in terms of tourism. It has been chosen the best on the European continent five times in six years. 

And this means that Portugal has a terrible nature, picturesque beaches, excellent infrastructure, luxury hotels, rated restaurants, cafes, places for entertainment, and a lot of wonderful sights.


What are the top 8 places to visit in Portugal?

  1. Sete Cidades in the Azores
  2. Belém Tower in Lisbon
  3. Peneda-Gerês National Park in Porto 
  4. The pools of Porto Moniz in Madeira 
  5. The Castle of St. George in Lisbon 
  6. Jerónimos Monastery in Lisbon 
  7. The Douro Valley in Porto 
  8. April 25 Bridge in Lisbon 


1- Sete Cidades in the Azores

Are you a fan of wandering and exploring, especially in exotic places? The Portuguese Azores islands are located opposite it, penetrating into the Atlantic Ocean to the west. The largest of these islands, the island of São Miguel, includes a volcanic crater with a picturesque vegetation cover and magnificent bodies of water in its center. 

And the tour will be in this charming and strange place, where you will get acquainted with a dormant volcanic mountain in the middle of the ocean, you will explore the wildlife on the island with all its diverse trees and plants, and you will take unforgettable photos next to the Green Lake and the Blue Lake.

You can do a variety of other activities on the island, such as kayaking or swimming, and get plenty of sunlight, so don’t forget about sunscreen and clothes suitable for walking or swimming.


2- Belém Tower in Lisbon 

If you have visited the capital Lisbon before or noticed its location on the map, you will notice that there is a large river waterway that makes its way to the Atlantic Ocean. This waterway is connected to a large inland lake, Lake Tagus, into which the Tagus River pours its waters before it continues to the shores of the ocean.

The Belem Tower in Lisbon is located at the entrance of this river waterway, which I told you about, which makes its location ideal because it overlooks wonderful water scenes from the overlap of the sea with the land and the surrounding picturesque geographical features. 

The tower was built in the year 1500 AD, and its architecture came inside the water, with a short bridge connecting it to the land bank.

The place is ideal for taking souvenir photos and for previewing a part of the history of Portugal during the Middle Ages. 

There are many restaurants and cafes nearby; you can enjoy a meal or a break after your fun tour at this historic tower. 


 3- Peneda-Gerês National Park in Porto

Are you a fan of wildlife and noisy nature? The Pineda Jerez Park is not man-made; it is a vast space that nature itself offers you. It is a protected and sprawling area, with ancient villages that have preserved their traditions by merging with the place and not polluting it with the products of human industries.

In this place, you will breathe fresh air, enjoy the sounds of birds, and be near a lot of wild animals, such as foxes and deer. And you will walk uphill through a lot of off-road meadows overgrown with pine trees.

Beautiful waterfalls surrounded by rocks and vegetation await you, and lakes and river tributaries will offer you the opportunity to swim in them or practice kayaking. 

Get well prepared for this wonderful trip. The place stretches over a wide area, and you will walk distances without boredom in the wonderful green land of God. 


4- The Pools of Porto Moniz in Madeira

Are you a fan of beaches, the sun, relaxing on sandy beaches, and enjoying the most delicious meals in a quiet atmosphere where only the sounds of the ocean waves are heard? The Madeira Islands, located in the west of Portugal’s Atlantic coast, are waiting for you to offer you the most beautiful vacation and recreation in the best beach cities of Portugal. 

Ocean-view restaurants there will offer you outdoor terraces, hearty seafood menus, and the most delicious cold drinks. 

Prepare beachwear and sunscreen, and if you are accompanied by your family, you will find private swimming pools and play and fun areas for them. 


5- The Castle of St. George in Lisbon

St. George’s Castle is located in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon. It is located on a hill overlooking part of the city and on Lake Tagus, which is fed by the Tagus River,which heads to its main mouth on the Atlantic Coast. 

Built in the 11th century AD, the castle has 11 towers, making it a huge and majestic building of outstanding architectural beauty in the heart of the Portuguese capital. 

The castle is surrounded by green spaces planted with pine, oak, and olives, and through the open spaces of the castle, you can overlook the most beautiful views of the city of Lisbon and its neighborhoods. 

The surroundings of the castle are full of luxurious restaurants, so you can treat yourself to a delicious meal after finishing your tour of the castle and its surroundings.


6- Jerónimos Monastery in Lisbon

The construction of the Germanimus monastery in Lisbon dates back to the sixteenth century, a place that embodies the era of discoveries made by the Spaniards and Portuguese outside the European continent by sailing their ships to distant regions. For this reason, inside the monastery you will find the tomb of Vasco De Gama, the well-known explorer, as well as mausoleums of other personalities. 

The design of the construction is very beautiful, with delicate and awesome decorative details. It is surrounded by a large square covered with greenery and some dark green trees, with a large fountain in the center. 


7- The Douro Valley in Porto

The Douro Valley is an ideal place for recreation and hiking. It is a valley located around the charming Douro River. The place is rural par excellence, and the scattered villages bear the old and attractive village character, where whenever you wander there you will find scenes of cattle grazing and the cultivation of the majestic lands, whose wonderful view harmonizes with the greenery covering the hills surrounding the Big River.


8- April 25 Bridge in Lisbon

The April 25 Bridge connects the two banks of the Tagus River estuary in Lisbon. It is a long and mighty bridge and is considered one of the landmarks of Lisbon. 

The bridge is painted orange, which makes it enliven the souls of those who pass by it or contemplate it from afar. The views over the bridge are magnificent, as the bridge is in the middle of a wide estuary, at the end of which it connects to the Atlantic coast to the west. 

Restaurants are available next to the bridge, and you can also visit cafes and sip your favorite coffee as you contemplate the scenery of this great bridge that connects the two banks of the city of Lisbon with mesmerizing beauty.