7 of the Top Attractions in Hong Kong

7 of the Top Attractions in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a small region enjoying autonomy and administratively adhering to China, considered one of the most important global financial centers in East Asia. Hong Kong is a densely populated city, filled with skyscrapers, landmarks, and markets. You won’t find a limited space where everything available on the planet exists except in Hong Kong, which shines with life and pulsates with the economy throughout the year. Traveling to Hong Kong is a focused and very important experience; this country will provide you with tourist pleasure and cultural richness, along with being on the fringes of the oldest civilizations on Earth. In Hong Kong, you will see many people from various races and nationalities everywhere; it is a destination for traders and capital owners, attracting many major international companies to set foot on its land.

You won’t worry about moving from one place to another in Hong Kong, as the small area will help you reach your destination faster, and the extensive and diverse transportation network will make things easier for you. In Hong Kong, with a total area of only 2,755 square kilometers, you have access to the subway, taxis, trams, and small and large buses. Additionally, you can travel by sea through ferries between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island to other islands.

We won’t dwell on Hong Kong in this introduction because, no matter how much we talk about it, its beauty and charm will only be revealed through actual travel. So, come with us as we give you glimpses of its top attractions, numbering them before we delve into each one in some detail:

  1. Majestic Scene at the Big Buddha Statue
  2. Disneyland Will Fulfill Your Dreams
  3. The Most Wonderful Shopping Tours Are in Hong Kong
  4. Hong Kong Abounds with Beautiful Beaches
  5. Fantastic Water Activities at Ocean Park
  6. Thrilling Trip to the Dragon’s Back
  7. Astronomical Tour at the Hong Kong Space Museum


1- Majestic Scene at the Big Buddha Statue

Majestic Scene at the Big Buddha Statue

Exploring the religious landmarks of different cultures and civilizations can be enjoyable. Buddhism is considered one of the ancient religions with widespread influence in some East Asian countries. Places like China, India, and their neighboring countries are home to important Buddhist landmarks.

In Hong Kong, there is a large Buddha statue called the Big Buddha, standing at a height of 34 meters. The statue is located on Lantau Island in the Po Lin Monastery. It is one of the largest Buddha statues in the world. The statue is surrounded by lush greenery and is adjacent to the ocean and some small islands, creating a captivating scene.

The beauty of visiting this landmark is that you can reach it by cable car, but don’t worry, you can also reach the site by taking a bus. When you ride the cable car, you’ll pass by breathtaking views. This approximately 25-minute journey will take you over green forests and tree-covered mountains. The village where the statue is located is tourist-friendly, offering restaurants, cafes, and shops to meet your needs.


2- Disneyland Will Fulfill Your Dreams

Disneyland Will Fulfill Your Dreams

Have you ever wished to visit the magical city of Disneyland? Disneyland is present in a few countries around the world, including the United States, Japan, France, China, and Hong Kong. Don’t miss this opportunity in Hong Kong, as it may not be available in many other countries during your other tourist adventures.

Disneyland is a place of happiness for both adults and children, where you’ll find everything your imagination has ever encountered in terms of characters and entertainment. This place is full of shows, joy, fun, and enjoyment. Don’t miss a visit to Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, and Adventureland, as each of these cities holds adventures, magic, and beauty.


3- The Most Wonderful Shopping Tours Are in Hong Kong

The Most Wonderful Shopping Tours Are in Hong Kong

Hong Kong houses some of the world’s most important markets. This region, belonging to China and situated in one of the world’s major hubs for manufacturing, shipping, and trade, offers everything you can imagine in its stores. You will have the most delightful walking tour through these markets, witnessing a diversity of goods beyond your imagination.

In the Apliu Street Market, you will find all the electronic devices you need, both new and used. Cat Street is home to tens of thousands of artifacts of all shapes and sizes. The place will tempt you to choose a piece for your home or as a gift for a dear friend. Shanghai Street offers high-quality household items at the best prices. Tai Yuen Street is the street of gifts and toys. A special market on Ko Shing Street offers traditional Chinese medicines.

There are many markets in Hong Kong, and what we mentioned is just a sample. You only need to explore the markets that suit your needs or hobbies.


4- Hong Kong Abounds with Beautiful Beaches

Hong Kong Abounds with Beautiful Beaches

Hong Kong overlooks beaches from most of its geographic directions and includes many islands, making it an opportunity to enjoy the sea and beaches. If you have spent beautiful times on the beaches of the Arabian Gulf, the Mediterranean, or the Red Sea, that’s good, but in Hong Kong, you are in for experiencing some of the most beautiful moments on the coasts of the South China Sea. Isn’t that wonderful?

In Hong Kong, you can visit Repulse Bay Beach. This beach, with its soft sand, is one of the most famous beaches there. The views are stunning, and it is suitable for swimming and sunbathing.

You can also visit Big Wave Bay Beach, a beautiful place suitable for diving, relaxation, and a beachside stroll. Don’t miss trying delicious seafood at the barbecue stalls scattered around the area. Beaches in Hong Kong are not limited to what we mentioned. You should explore many of them through your own investigation, but the two mentioned beaches are among the most important and beautiful.


5- Fantastic Water Activities at Ocean Park

Fantastic Water Activities at Ocean Park

Ocean Park is a vast world of water activities, and Hong Kong’s location makes it suitable for this fantastic and large project. You’ll find many play and entertainment options for you and your children in Ocean Park. Inside, there are places for walking, diving, wave resistance, and relaxation.

The place is also full of restaurants, fast food outlets, and cafes offering a variety of drinks. You will also find some large hotels, making it easy for you to be close to one of the most exciting places in Hong Kong, which is Ocean Park.


6- Thrilling Trip to the Dragon’s Back

Thrilling Trip to the Dragon's Back

Are you a fan of long hikes and immersing yourself in nature? Hong Kong has prepared a wonderful place for this beneficial sports activity. The Dragon’s Back area will provide you with very long hiking trails with views of the coasts of Hong Kong from above and some green highlands intertwined with valleys and the blue sea. During this journey, you’ll distance yourself from the noise and hustle of Hong Kong city, accompanied only by trees, bird tweets, waterfall sounds, and the sea breeze.


7- Astronomical Tour at the Hong Kong Space Museum

Astronomical Tour at the Hong Kong Space Museum

Try not to miss the opportunity to visit this wonderful and distinctive museum. A striking hemisphere and a contemporary, futuristic atmosphere will welcome visitors upon arrival. The museum overlooks the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront. This large dome constitutes half of this museum. In this place, you will find the Hall of the Cosmos and the Space Science Hall. This museum is ideal for space enthusiasts but is also exciting and enjoyable for everyone because of its fantastic, innovative, and attractive presentation style.