Best Restaurants in Jeddah 2025

Best Restaurants in Jeddah 2025

Dining at one of Jeddah’s restaurants is inseparable from the city itself, which is full of beauty and elegance and adjacent to the Red Sea, which has a rich history and distinctive architecture, authentic culture, bustling markets, and charming sights.

And the restaurants of the luxurious city of Jeddah offer you wonderful views, the most important of which are those overlooking the sea coasts or the mesmerizing city skyline. Some of these restaurants are located in the most luxurious hotels there. 

What is special about Jeddah restaurants is the variety and perfection, as these restaurants are based on professional chefs from all over the world. In Jeddah, you will find American, Saudi, Indian, Levantine, European, and Asian cuisines.

Below, we will introduce you to the most prominent restaurants from the international restaurants that we mentioned earlier.


Top restaurants in jeddah 2025

  1. Myazu Restaurant
  2. Shababïk Restaurant 
  3. Restaurant San Carlo Cicchetti
  4. The Lucky Llama Restaurant 
  5. Restaurant Rasoi by Vineet


1- Myazu Restaurant

Myazu Restaurant is considered one of the best Asian restaurants in Jeddah. It offers a unique dining experience that you will never forget. And the excellence of Myazu restaurant is not only in the delicious dishes but also in the excellent service, the luxurious and calm atmosphere of the restaurant, and the terrible reception by the reception staff. 

Japanese food is the basis of the restaurant’s dishes; that’s why you will prepare the most delicious sushi, seafood, robata, salads, cold cuisine, and others. 

The restaurant also has a wide selection of juices and cocktails, as well as hot drinks such as coffee and tea.
And on the dessert menu, you will find sumptuous dishes that you will not eat in any other restaurant.


2- Shababïk Restaurant

Shababïk Restaurant is a Lebanese restaurant with a long history of serving delicious Lebanese cuisine. As is well known, the Lebanese restaurant is widely popular in the Arab world and has a global rating in terms of quality, and some varieties of Lebanese food are able to compete with the most important varieties of international restaurants. 

Lebanese restaurants are famous for the appetizers that are prepared before the main meal, so at Shababïk restaurant, you will enjoy hummus, grape leaves, Tabbouleh, sambosa with cheese, meat, and other delicacies.

After these appetizers, you can receive the most delicious dishes of the Lebanese restaurant in all their variations.

And don’t forget to try breakfast in this restaurant, called in the Lebanese dialect “Tarwika,” as the Lebanese breakfast dishes are incomparable with any other breakfast anywhere in the world.


3- Restaurant San Carlo Cicchetti

From European restaurants, we have chosen San Carlo Cicchetti restaurant for you, which is one of the Italian restaurants that serves the most delicious Italian dishes. This restaurant is considered one of the most distinctive restaurants in Jeddah. The service is professional, and the preparation of food dishes is supervised by the best chefs. 

In the restaurant, you will taste the most delicious Italian pasta dishes. You will also taste authentic Italian pizza at this place. 

The menu of Italian food in the restaurant is long; you just have to visit it, try it, and experience sitting in a quiet and luxurious atmosphere.


4- The Lucky Llama Restaurant

From Latin America, the lucky Llama offers you the most delicious Peruvian cuisine that offers unique blends that you will not find anywhere else. One of the features of this restaurant is the delicious dishes in which Peruvian cuisine is mixed with Japanese cuisine.

The interior of the restaurant is calm, the lighting is soft, the seats are comfortable, and the decor is saturated with a rustic atmosphere.


5- Restaurant Rasoi by Vineet

Rasoi by Vineet Restaurant is a restaurant serving Indian dishes, but the design of the restaurant and most of its details carry the spirit of the Old City of Jeddah. Vineet, the founding chef of the restaurant, had fallen in love with the city of Jeddah, so he decided that his restaurant should bear the fingerprints of this city, which he adored. 

The restaurant’s dishes carry the flavors of Indian cuisine and serve dishes dipped in various spices in the heart of Jeddah. The restaurant has its own meals waiting for you to taste and enjoy.